What Can I do if a Police Officer Violently Grabbed My Child in Daytona Beach, FL?

Despite the authority and advantages police officers have over the general public, officers of the law are still required to respect the rights of the citizens in their community and should not engage in any activity that is considered to…

When Can a Daytona Beach Police Officer Apply Physical Force?

Back in April 2019, a video surfaced on the internet that eventually went viral involving several Broward County Sheriff deputies as well as teens. In the video, you see a crowd of teens standing around in what looks like a shopping center with…

Who Can Help Me File a Complaint Against a Daytona Beach, FL Police Officer?

Did a police officer in Daytona Beach, FL verbally abuse you during a routine traffic stop? Did he or she arrest you and apply excessive force? Perhaps you are a victim of racial profiling and were charged with a crime you didn’t actually…