Hard evidence of police misconduct such as a beating, shooting, or false arrest that is clearly captured on video is really the best way to make sure the officers are held responsible. This evidence can be provided to a civil lawyer or used as a part of a disciplinary investigation against the offending officers.

One incident in Greenville South Carolina that was recorded on a cellphone video shows a man who is already detained and handcuffed being punched in the head multiple times by Greenville County Sheriff’s Deputies.

Vicious beating of a suspect by police in a Walmart

This event occurred at a Walmart on White Horse Road. Many bystanders were inside the store witnessed the egregious level of police misconduct.

Before police arrived the suspect had apparently stole a cash box from a register and had an argument with employees in the hair salon section. The man also was acting erratically for some time, saying he could not find his truck and he later attempted to enter someone else’s vehicle. The police stated that once they were on the scene the man reached for their weapons, and he also had to be tased and physically overpowered because of his large stature. The key section of the video shows one of the Greenville County Deputies holding the man down while the other deals multiple blows to the suspect’s head.

The witness who took the video had expressed concern that if these deputies were not relieved of their duties they would essentially be given a pass to engage in the same kind of behavior again.

An investigation of the incident revealed that the deputies struggled with the man for several minutes and used a taser on him multiple times. The solicitor in charge of investigating the excessive use of force claims said there was no foul play because the officers are allowed to use their fists as a last resort if nothing else will calm a suspect down. However, one of the deputies in the video did hand in his resignation even though no formal disciplinary charges were filed against him.

How can this video evidence help a lawyer?

Cases such as this are actually great for a civil lawsuit, even if the officers are not terminated by their departments or charged with assault by a local prosecutor. The defense lawyer for the police would be reluctant have a jury see footage of police officers beating a detained man in the middle of a retail store. There is little that could be said or done to defend their actions. Based on the absurdity of this kind of behavior and the resulting injuries to the victim, a lawyer would most likely attempt to reach a large settlement agreement. Many of the most valuable police brutality settlements have involved similar situations where a suspect is already handcuffed and subdued, yet the arresting officers dish out an unnecessary beating.

Get help from a lawyer in Greenville

If you have any kind of evidence that the police have mistreated you, it is possible to file a civil lawsuit against the department or city. An experienced police brutality lawyer can recommend a course of action for receiving the largest possible amount of compensation. Hayes Law Firm Upstate Attorneys, LLC has been helping people with all kinds of injuries in South Carolina for years. Their experienced and professional staff offers immediate consultations to give clients legal advice quickly.

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