After being found guilty of committing a crime that most would be placed behind bars for, one former Houston officer is faced with no jail time and will eventually be given a clean slate if he abides by all the stipulations listed in his plea deal.


Back in 2015, Officer Jacob Delgadillo, 30, worked as a Houston Independent School District Police officer and was assigned as the campus officer at Cullen Middle School. While most schools have one designated officer that is there to protect and serve the school and those inside of it, former Officer Delgadillo saw another opportunity working as the campus officer, and went for it.

According to Click 2 Houston, Delgadillo engaged in a relationship with a 14-year-old student during the time he was working there. According to Chron, he had the girl perform oral sex on him and was even accused of fondling her. The former officer was also accused of placing the girl’s hand on his private parts. Eventually, the inappropriate, and might we add, illegal behavior finally came to light and he was charged with indecency with a child. The charges were later modified to having an improper relationship with a student.


Whether the teen consented to the relationship, that isn’t clear, however, the officer may have used his badge and status to persuade the teen to engage in such acts. If that was the case, this could very well be a form of police brutality and sexual harassment as the officer abused his rights and power to make a child engage in a sexual act.  


When Delgadillo’s case was taken before a judge, he plead guilty to the crime and was given a plea deal for admitting to the improper relationship. Delgadillo will be required to serve five years deferred adjudication. What does this mean? Deferred adjudication is a form of probation that will give the former officer an opportunity to clear his name of any conviction and won’t require him to register as a sex offender once the five years are up. In order for him to receive these benefits, he:

  • Is prohibited from making contact with the victim or any other minors, except for his young son.
  • Is required to be monitored as a sex offender for the duration of the next five years.
  • Must surrender his license to be a Texas police officer.


The fact that the officer won’t be facing sexual harassment charges and isn’t required to register as a sex offender clearly outlines a stronger push for officers of the law to be held to the same standards as someone who would have committed the same type of crime.


police brutality attorneys

Sexual harassment could be classified as a form of police brutality given the officer abused their power to force someone to engage in a sexual act.

Was this an act of police brutality?


Although the most common form of police brutality we see in today’s society involves officers abusing their right to apply force, sexual harassment is yet another form we need to acknowledge. Individuals, especially kids, are often fearful of officers and the things they are capable of doing. In this particular case, the teen may very well have been afraid of what the officer could have done had she not complied. On the same token, perhaps she felt obligated to perform the acts she did because he was an officer of the law. Either way, when an officer takes advantage of the power they hold and uses it to engage in an unlawful act, this may be classified as a form of police brutality.

If you or someone you know was improperly treated by an officer of the law, you may have a viable police brutality case on your hands. can place you in touch with a local police brutality attorney who can assess your case and determine if legal action can be pursued.