Officer Jared Yuen, 33, has been serving on the police force for the City of San Jose for nearly six years but was recently placed on leave as a result of the behavior he displayed during a recent George Floyd protest [Source: Los Angeles Times]. A protestor captured Yuen on video in the midst of the protest who appeared to be “grinning and swaying side to side” almost as if he was trying to “rouse fellow officers.

In the video, which was shared on Twitter and has reached nearly 12 million views so far, Officer Yuen is heard shouting “Let’s get this [expletive].” He is then seen walking away and returning to the same spot. One of the protestors can also be heard saying “This is funny to them. They have smiles on their faces.” In another video, a female protestor asks Yuen why he is on that side and he responds by saying “Shut up, [expletive].” During this time, Yuen is also holding his projectile launcher as if he is prepared to use it.

A few seconds later, Yuen is seen firing his projectile launcher at protestors.

After the video of Yuen surfaced and went viral, Yuen was put on leave and is now part of an internal investigation. Police Chief Eddie Garcia also addressed the incident during a press conference saying “I’m not happy with his actions, I’m sure if Jared was sitting here he would be embarrassed as well. But I will tell you, I know Jared, and he’s a good kid who made a mistake, who let his emotions get the better of him.”


Twitter Users Call on the Department to Fire Officer Yuen


Twitter users expressed how disgusted they were by Yuen’s behavior during the protest and are calling on the San Jose Police Department to fire him. One user, who directed their comment toward the department said, “Get this thug off our streets.” Another user Tweeted, “Videos like this show the true nature of your men. Pay close attention to the ones trying to de-escalate with their mannerisms and to the ones ENJOYING this … Your sociopaths show themselves.”


Were you harmed by an officer during a protest recently?


If you were injured by a San Jose, CA police officer while exercising your right to protest or during another encounter with an officer, can help you locate a San Jose, CA police brutality lawyer who can help you fight back against the mistreatment. While police officers are permitted to apply a reasonable amount of force when the circumstances call for it, they do not have the right to apply excessive force on any occasion.

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