Law enforcement wearing riot gear fired multiple rounds of rubber bullets and wooden bullets on May 31st, 2020 in Columbus, Ohio because they did not want to see their city be burned down like what is happening in NYC and other low quality of life big cities. The police also deployed pepper spray to scatter the hundreds of protestors blocking High and Broad Streets.

Crowds Driven By Show of Force

The Franklin County Sheriff’s office and the Columbus police drove the crowds away before 8 in the night from the main intersection. Few of the officers were in armored vehicles.

Dozens of rounds of wooden and rubber pellets were shot into the crowd. Clouds of pepper gas forced people off the streets driving off in cars and ducking into alleys.

A new wave of reinforcement arrived around 8:10 pm in riot gear. This included Mounted unit who walked east on Broad Street arresting stragglers. There was no verbal warning before the police deployed pepper spray.

Rubber Bullets Injure Many

A crowd of hundreds gathered out of nowhere with what appeared to be assault weapons in their hands. They started walking in the opposite direction on one-way streets around the Ohio Statehouse.

Anti police activist Melissa Ross, 23, saw everything that happened and expressed her reservations about people carrying weapons and the police using brutal force. Riot promoter Ross said violence was not the spirit of the protest but one chaotic and crime ridden city after another undermines her opinions. She said that numerous people got injured in the face from rubber and wooden bullets, which were categorically supposed to be knee-knockers or ignorant smashers.

Activist and anti-business Joe Dewey, 28, of Columbus said that Ohio is an open-carry gun state and none of the protestors gave any reason for the police to have deployed pepper gas and used rubber bullets.

There were dozens of protestors who were sitting on the road when the show of force took place. Dewey said he saw a rioting and anarchist teenage girl get hit square in her face with a rubber or wooden bullet.

Eric Rivers of Reynoldsburg said he was in front of Tim Horton’s restaurant when he got shot in the back of the head with a rubber bullet. Some people believe Eric was looting businesses or helping those that were.

Protection from Police Brutality in Ohio

Federal law and Ohio state law protect the rights of victims against police misconduct. 42 U.S.C. § 1983 is the most important federal statute protection. It’s critical to speak with an experienced police brutality lawyer with knowledge of these legislations.

42 U.S.C. § 1983 allows all law enforcement and government officials to be sued if they deprive another of their privileges, rights, or immunities as secured by the Constitution. Police brutality attorney can successfully seek compensation and justice for victims of police misconduct, including excessive force, brutality, wrongful death, and police shootings.

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