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Police brutality is a growing epidemic in the U.S. Innocent lives continue to be taken and many officers of the law guilty of police misconduct carry on with their day, weapon in one hand and a badge in the other as though this act of violence is acceptable. The fact is, police brutality isn’t stopping and too many people are losing their lives to the outbursts and uncontrollable actions displayed by officers on duty. Anyone who is an officer of the law can be accused of police brutality or misconduct and this includes:

If a police officer or even a correctional officer handled you improperly or physically assaulted you, you need to consider hiring a nearby police brutality lawyer in Rhode Island immediately who can begin working on building you a solid case.

Some examples of police misconduct include:

Although it would appear that police brutality is something that has recently become a large concern for society, it has been transpiring for several years now. Cell phones and social media have allowed individuals to capture the misconduct displayed by officers which has definitely shed more light on the issue itself.

If you are the victim of police brutality, whether an officer physically harmed you during an arrest or they verbally abused you, you have rights, even if you did commit a crime. The fact is, if you complied with their demands or weren’t engaging in any criminal behavior, officers have no right to harm or injure you. While they do have the right to use force when necessary, this too should be used in moderation and not merely to hurt the suspect or individual.

Unfortunately, many individuals aren’t aware of what their rights are and when they are actually being mistreated by law enforcement officials. This is why we are here. We know police brutality is a scary, yet serious issue that must be addressed and you might not know where to start. will find you a local Rhode Island police brutality attorney in your area who will help you and guide you into brining awareness to your incident and helping you seek the justice you and your family deserve.


Shocking Police Brutality Facts

While it is evident that police brutality is occurring all around us, below are some surprising facts provided by Mic Network Inc. that will help you acknowledge that you need to take a stand against the abuse and fight back.


Obviously it isn’t easy going up against an officer of the law, but you have a increased chance of winning your case when you have one of our featured police misconduct attorneys in Rhode Island working on your side and working with you.