Providence city has agreed to a $72,500 settlement in a civil suit which accused a police sergeant of brutally kicking and beating a black man during a traffic stop in 2013. This happened as other officers stood around and watched. The case was settled on September 13th, 2019.

City Agreed After Mediation

28-year-old Joshua Robinson was successfully awarded compensation for his injuries and loss after mediation. The case was resolved as ‘no finding of liability’ against the city and the officers as stated by spokeswoman Emily Crowell.

Robinson had filed the suit in 2016 alleging that Officer Christopher Ziroli and Sgt. David D. Allen along with seven other law enforcement officials engaged in battery, false arrest, excessive force and malicious prosecution during the March 5th, 2013 incident.

Sgt. Allen Involved in Police Brutality

According to the lawsuit, Sgt. Allen had stopped Robinson in the evening. He shone light on the car and grabbed Robinson’s neck to pull him out. He also hit him really hard on the head with a flashlight.

Ziroli arrived next on the scene and dragged Robinson from the car. This is when Allen placed Robinson in a headlock and tackled him to the ground. Ziroli kicked him 3 times and punched him in the face four times. Allen also sprayed his face with pepper gas.

Officers Mark Hubbard, Sean Lafferty, Matthew McGloin, Matthew Rampone, Jerome Lynch, Clifford Torres, and Joseph Donnelly were at the scene but failed to intervene as per the lawsuit.

Robinson had to be taken to Rhode Island Hospital to get his injuries treated which consisted of several stitches and two black eyes. Robinson got charged with one count of resisting arrest, two counts of simple assault, and a third charge of obstructing a police officer, but was later acquitted.

Evidence Videos in Police Brutality Lawsuits Make Cases Stronger

Cellphones are wonderful for a lot of things, especially recording incidents of gross misuse of power by law enforcement officials. Most people go through their whole lives without facing any kind of police misconduct, brutality or excessive force. However, for victims of police brutality and excessive force the importance of videos as evidence cannot be overstated.

The media is rife with countless videos showing racial profiling, police shootings, police brutality and unlawful search and seizures among other things. Any police misconduct lawyer will explain that these videos are a goldmine whether shot by the victim or an eyewitness.

Additionally, it can be nearly impossible to seek justice in police misconduct lawsuits without a video. Victims would need to hire a seasoned and knowledgeable police misconduct attorney to attain a favorable outcome.

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