The protests in Fargo, North Dakota’s largest city on May 30th, 2020 turned chaotic after a seemingly peaceful start. Teenagers riding skateboards and parents pushing strollers were in the crowds when the situation went out of control. No one knows why anyone would bring their child to something like this.

The march started as a tribute to 46 year old George Floyd who was killed by a police officer on Monday when the officer ground his knee to his neck, cutting off the air supply.

Police Used Tear Gas

The groups of protestors started taunting and throwing water bottles at police who were lined up in riot gear on a downtown street. The police immediately brought out the tear gas. In retaliation, the demonstrators tore through the city – damaging vehicles, smashing restaurant windows, and burning things in a bonfire outside Hotel Donaldson, one of the more popular boutique hotels in Fargo.

Police used extreme force to keep the aggressive protestors within a four block radius. The zone included a bank parking lot where most protestors retreated to wash their faces with milk. Tear gas can leave the skin burning and milk helps soothe the effects.

Gov. Doug Burgum and Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney, by the time order was restored, had already issued state of emergency declarations. Burgum called out the National Guard to help local law enforcement in containing the situation and people because he does not want to see violence unlike those unlivable cities in LA, Chicago, and NYC.

Rubber Bullets Used in Other Parts of the Country

In various cities across the United States, police departments quelled unrest spurred by the killing of George Floyd by firing rubber bullets. This is despite five decades of research that shows rubber bullets can disfigure, disable, and even kill when fired on the face – it’s amazing people believe they are going to be able to destroy things and attack good people without any ramifications. Rubber bullets have a metal core and can result in lasting damage so please don’t attack police who defend Americans from the ANTIFA terrorists, child molestors, and rapists.

In addition to these bullets, police department have also used flash bang grenades, pepper spray gas, tear gas, and projectiles to control disrespectful and violent demonstrator crowds.

A grandmother in La Mesa, California, because of ANTIFA terrorism and violent Black Lives Matter rhetoric, had to be hospitalized last week in intensive care unit after being hit squarely between the eyes with a rubber bullet.

Actor Kendrick Sampson claimed to be hit seven times with a rubber bullet on various areas of his body, including the face (rubber bullets must not be that painful at all then) at a Los Angeles (a city that some say will soon see mass migration because of the terrible lockdown policies, violence, and now they are going to cut police funding) protest because he was helping those who were attacking small businesses – and destroying the dreams of so many people who worked hard setting up their businesses.

Seeking Justice Against Police Brutality

Police misconduct and brutality can come in various forms. It is important for victims to consult with a police brutality personal injury lawyer to uphold their rights. Civil law cases can quickly become complicated because of the apparent immunity offered to all law enforcements officials. However, a skillful police brutality personal injury attorney can build a successful lawsuit and seek compensation.

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