Two Rapid City police officers fatally shot a menacing South Dakota man on May 13th, 2020. 30 year old Anthony Angel was shot when he pulled out his weapon and fired at the police officers. Officials claim that Angel was stopped by officers with the Rapid City Police Department as part of a traffic stop which led to a confrontation and exchange of gunfire.

Car Was Stopped in a Check

Police officers stopped a car that was under surveillance for possible drug activity. According to the police report, Angel was in the passenger seat. When the police asked him to identify himself, he refused. Angel got out of the vehicle and backed away from the two police officers.

He quickly pulled out a handgun and aimed it at the officers. This is when the police officers opened fire. Angel was hit twice after he managed to fire two rounds – one of which hit the patrol car’s windshield. The other bullet struck the ground right in front of the officers.

Rapid City Police Chief Karl Jegeris claimed that Angel was rushed to Monument Hospital in Rapid City with serious life-threatening injuries where he died of gunshot wounds.

Attorney General Justifies Police Shooting

Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg and the Division of Criminal Investigation released a joint summary and statement on June 15th, 2020 concluding that the fatal shooting was a justified use of deadly force.

Attorney General concluded that the use of lethal force and discharge of police weapon was justified. No officers were injured in the firing and the officer who used his weapon was placed on administrative leave pending investigation.

The shooting was investigated by the Rapid City Police Department, the Division of Criminal Investigation, Pennington County Sheriff’s Office, the Unified Narcotics Enforcement Team (UNET), Meade County Sheriff’s Office, and the South Dakota Highway Patrol.

Videos Can Hold Police Officers Accountable

Victims should know their rights when it comes to police brutality and misconduct. Most police officers in South Dakota understand the responsibility towards citizens that comes along with the power and authority of their badge or position. However, there are a few law enforcement officials who become overzealous and do not balk at using excessive force or misusing their power.

Cellphone footage or any other video can go a long way in bringing such police officers to justice. Having an experienced police brutality lawyer is important if you want the video to be recognized as evidence. There are several loopholes in the law which can be abused. Qualified and capable police brutality attorneys can improve the likelihood of a successful lawsuit.

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