The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) is looking into the arrest of a man who they say was resisting officer orders shortly after a protest was held. A video of the incident was captured on video by a driver who later shared the footage with KRDO. In the video, several officers can be seen standing in the road speaking with a handful of protestors. After officers asked that the intersection be cleared, a man appears to walk out from the small crowd.

Officers are then heard telling the man to get on the ground, however, before he had the opportunity to respond to officer commands, officers shot him with several less-than-lethal rounds which caused him to fall down. Several officers are then seen running toward the man and violently holding him down. The first officer to make contact with the man grabbed him around the neck. While being held on the ground, another officer is seen punching him several times.

After the video caught public attention, CSPD Chief Vince Niski issued this statement “I am aware of the video circulating around social media of our officers using force to effect an arrest during the recent protest. This incident will be reviewed to determine if any laws or department policies were broken.” Niski said that the video only showed a short segment of the arrest but that it appeared as though the man had been resisting which is “when officers [applied] force to gain compliance and take him into custody.”

Niski assured the public that “The full review will reveal all the events that occurred leading up to this incident, during this incident, and what happened after the video stops. Once that is complete, if the officers have been found to have violated our policies or the law, the appropriate action will be taken.”


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