Police brutality must stop

Police brutality in the modern world has become a pressing issue for society. It  casts a dark shadow over law enforcement agencies and authorities whose mission is to protect and serve the public. The staff’s excessive and unfair use of force led to tragic consequences. As a result, countless people were injured or even died. This grave violation of the rights of all people is causing outrage and demands for change around the world. To build a just and equal society, police brutality must be confronted and ended.

The reality of police brutality


Police brutality has deep historical roots. But, with the advent of technology and social media, cases of police violence have become more visible and documented than ever before. Again and again, society has seen disturbing videos of unarmed people subjected to excessive force. Often, atrocities lend themselves to racial profiling and discriminatory treatment. This results in a severe erosion of trust between the police and the communities they serve.


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Lack of accountability and transparency in law enforcement

One main factor contributing to police brutality is law enforcement’s lack of transparency. Cases of officers using excessive force regularly result in minimal consequences. It sends a clear signal that those responsible for enforcing the law are immune to the effects of their actions. The lack of credible mechanisms to hold officers to account perpetuates a culture of impunity. This causes ongoing violations and their continuation.


Many people, especially those who have experienced police brutality, are trying to find a solution so that this does not happen again. People must apply a multifaceted approach to deal with and cut the problem. For example, it should be aimed at addressing its root causes:

  • ensuring justice,
  • ensuring transparency,
  • cooperation with the public.

In today’s world, people have the right to stop police brutality.

Training and education


Law enforcement should rank comprehension programs. They should include a lesson in de-escalation, conflict resolution, and awareness of hidden bias. This will provide officers with the necessary tools and knowledge to handle various situations. In the future, it may reduce or cut the use of excessive force.

Civil oversight bodies

The development of civilian oversight bodies will reduce the level of cruelty. They should be empowered to investigate police misconduct and be able to hold employees who use cruelty accountable. Important are recommendations for systemic changes in police departments. Body and dashboard cameras should also be mandatory for all officers. This will improve transparency and provide evidence records and improve police brutality statistics.

Relations between the public and the police

An essential step is building trust between law enforcement agencies and their communities. The police should interact with society for better mutual understanding. For example, they can create forums for dialogue and install community policing initiatives. This approach will promote mutual understanding and reduce tension. So, in the future, this will ensure the observance of society’s values and exclude police brutality victims.

Termination of qualified immunity

Immunity protects members of the authorities from personal liability in cases of excessive use of force. Reforming the legal doctrine is necessary to ensure that victims of police brutality can seek justice. As a result, it will be possible to hold individual employees accountable for their actions. Thanks to this, in the future, the number of police brutality will be reduced.

Police demilitarization to reduce brutality

The over-militarization of police departments often causes tensions between officers and civilians. Redirecting resources to public programs can help. It is to restore attention to public safety, not to maintain a clear state of war.



Police brutality is a severe violation of human rights. In the modern world, this is a shame for any society. Implementing the above measures can lay the foundation for a more system. The organization has a responsibility to demand accountability. Educational initiatives and fostering dialogue between law enforcement and the community can help.  Everyone deserves to feel safe and protected by the police.