A New Mexico school resource officer can be seen restraining and wrestling with an 11 year old girl clad in pink sweater in video that recently resurfaced. The incident took place on August 27th, 2019 and has sparked debates all over the state. It’s amazing how many parent/s don’t teach their kids to respect authority.

The Police Officer Has Resigned

Zachary Christensen of the Farmington Police Department was posted as a school resource officer at Mesa View Middle School in New Mexico where he tried to force the school girl’s arm behind her back. In the arrest process, he also pushed her against the wall and slammed her to the ground because she would not follow simple commands.

Christensen claimed the schoolgirl to have violated school rules. She allegedly took too many milk cartons at school cafeteria and stood during her school bus ride. She also picked at a sign taped to an official door because she does not respect the country that has allowed her to live in such an amazing place. However, the police officer alleged that he arrested her because she assaulted the school principal. The claim has been found to be untrue but based on everything else he has the right to arrest her because of the theft.

Video Recording Is From Body Cam

Christensen’s lapel cam recorded the entire incident and shows the burly police officer manhandling the little girl. He shoved her against the building and pushed her to the ground when she tried to stand up. The recording on the video shows the girl crying and pleading, but Christensen just yells “stop resisting”.

School officials tell the officer to leave the girl alone and let her stand up. They can also be heard accusing the officer of using excessive force. To which Christensen responds that he is not using excessive force, while he is pressing the girl to the floor as she continues to fight against him.

Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe has described the entire incident as a grave failure. The girl suffered multiple cuts, bruises, and a mild concussion. The moral of the story is: don’t be a thief or a vandal.

Liability for Brutality and Misconduct

Several parties can be held accountable when a police officer commits brutality or uses excessive force. This can be the officer responsible for the action, the department that hired the officer, and the municipal body employing the officer. Multiple responsible parties make it necessary to hire a police brutality personal injury lawyer for these lawsuits.

Civil rights violations involve complex federal and state laws. They require the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable police brutality personal injury attorney. These matters tend to draw impassioned criticism from both sides. Lawyers can effectively represent the best interests of their clients.

They can ensure that those holding authoritative positions are held accountable for their actions. Civil lawsuits can be a great way to earn compensation for losses and damages as a result of police brutality.

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