You do not have to tolerate police brutality in any of its forms. Police officers who go outside their legal boundaries often have to face harsh consequences, and victims of brutality can pursue justice with various forms of compensation. 


If you were brutalized by a police officer, you may be weighing out your next move and wondering if you’re entitled to compensation. To find out, get in touch with an experienced Georgia police brutality lawyer today. A skilled lawyer is your best shot at getting compensated and defending your rights. 


Do people get compensation for police brutality in Georgia? 


People in any state are able to get compensation for police brutality based on constitutional law. Antonio Arnelo Smith, 47, received a $350,000 settlement from Valdosta County after a wrong-arrest gone awry. 


Body-cam footage showed Smith cooperatively talking with a police officer who was questioning him. Suddenly another police officer showed up out of nowhere and put his hands behind his back and then slammed him face-first onto the pavement.


Police were originally called to the scene when drug store employees complained of an individual harassing customers and aggressively panhandling. One of the officers mistook Smith for the suspect, claiming he matched the description. After being pinned to the ground, Smith could be heard on video saying “Oh my God, you broke my wrist!” before another officer interjects and informs his colleagues they have the wrong guy. 


Though Smith’s lawyers originally requested $700,000 in damages, he walked away with $350,000 in exchange for simply dropping charges against the police department. 


With the clear violation of due process, the unnecessary aggression of the police officers, and the strong evidence of false arrest, the case in Valdosta was relatively cut and dry, and a quick process for everyone involved. 


What are examples of police brutality? 


Some other examples of police brutality are: 


  • Excessive use of force
  • False arrest
  • Racial profiling
  • Sexual assault
  • Leaving someone unattended in a car for hours on end
  • Allowing a dog to maul someone who’s no longer a threat


What rights protect me from police brutality? 


In general, the United States Constitution is the main legislation that comes into play in most police brutality cases. The Constitution protects everyone from cruel and unusual punishment, excessive fines, unwarranted searches and seizures, and due process. Even if you have already committed a crime, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a police officer can do what they want without consequences. Anyone in police custody has the right to reasonable treatment and due process under the law. 


Do you need assistance with a police brutality lawsuit? 


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