On Wednesday or early Thursday, several government buildings situated in Little Rock were spray-painted with brutal phrases, including ‘charge killer cops’ and ‘defund the police.’ The local officials or the area quickly decried the vandalism condemning the recent protests of ‘Black Lives Matter.’ Racism and police brutality exists significantly, even today. Just when we thought that the world has evolved from the old school mindsets, the recent event of George Floyd gave limelight to several incidents directed to racism and police brutality. 


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Outside the Little Rock police department’s headquarters, this graffiti was drawn on a memorial of different officers who died while serving on duty. In addition to this, two police vehicles were further spray-painted. The graffiti was also sprayed over the exterior portion of a building near the Little Rock District Court. The phrases written at the prosecutor’s office read ‘arrest starks’ and ‘fire jegley.’


In brief, this reference was to that officer, Charles Starks, who was reinstated after being died for fatally shooting a 30-year old individual, Bradley Blackshire. Jegley chiefly refused to charge Starks because the shooting was justified according to him. Several citizens across the nation felt angry and pained due to the extreme police brutality today. The mayor of Little Rock, Frank Scott Jr., suggested that the memorial’s vandalism was unacceptable and a very wrong approach towards dealing with everything that had occurred in the last few months. 


The mayor further suggested that justice is an integral aspect that must be looked into. However, every individual is accountable for their mistakes. With several similar acts of vandalism, people went ahead to target the cop. Over a multitude of vehicles were destructed and one damaged resulted in a significant loss. Even though demonstrators regularly assembled calmly at the Capitol for a considerable length of time at the beginning of the fights, a few people crushed windows of close by structures and showered spray painting on the Capitol grounds. On numerous events, evenings turned riotous, and officials scattered demonstrators by utilizing poisonous gas, streak explosives, and other purported nonlethal weapons. 


In the long run, the daily flights diminished. However, recently, demonstrators asked individuals from Little Rock’s directorate to divert police financing ring a Tuesday meeting and gave different requests. 

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