In order to become an officer of the law, you are required to go through extensive training that teaches you how to protect the community while being cautious and careful in doing so. Officers have access to guns, Tasers, and other weapons that could be deadly when used with that intent. But, because they go through this training, they are expected to always be aware of the weapons they have, how to use them, and how to exercise caution because of their lethal abilities.

Apparently, one officer in Plantation, FL failed to exercise the level of care required of her when she accidentally tasered a 10-year-old boy. Officer Iris Stan was staying with a friend and her two sons after being displaced due to Hurricane Irma. Stan decided that because the door of the bedroom she was staying in didn’t lock that she would review with the 10 and 13-year-old gun safety and why it is important to not play with guns. Stan obviously had guns with her seeing that she worked for the Plantation Police Department which is what sparked the teachable moment.

When she removed the Taser from her duty belt to show the two boys, she accidentally pulled the trigger. The Taser gun fired two probes, hitting the 10-year old in the right leg. The probes hit above and below his knee. According to the Sun-Sentinel, “police blamed the incident on fatigue, saying Stan had worked eight shifts in the previous 10 days, changed shifts as part of her training, and was displaced from her home.” Although the mother of the boy claimed it was an accident, that brought up this next question:


How often do officers “accidentally” fire their weapons?


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Many individuals become victims of police brutality, yet a majority of the officers are able to walk away without facing any sort of consequence.

Although it would appear that the officer was attempting to inform the kids on just how dangerous weapons are, she actually displayed it. This incident truly shows just how scary it is for an officer of the law to have a loaded weapon on them. Had this been a gun holstering bullets, this child may have never been able to walk again.

Based on this story, it is only natural to wonder how often other officers “accidentally” fire their weapons. Many pull their weapons out during routine traffic stops and when they feel their life may be at risk when dealing with a suspect. While they may not have the intention to use it, what if it accidentally fires? Can they be charged with police brutality? In 2015 alone, there were 14 notable cases where officers got away with shooting innocent victims, facing no repercussions for their actions aside from being investigated by their superiors [Source: Huffington Post].


Perhaps some of the police shootings that have occurred weren’t justifiable and were a mere “accident?” But, the real question is: Should they get away with it?


Police brutality Has Become a Growing Issue Across the U.S.


While efforts continue to bring to light the issue of police brutality, it takes those who are affected by these individuals to come forward with their claims. Whether an officer of the law mistreated you, physically abused you, or a loved one was wrongfully killed by a police officer, don’t wait to reach out to a police brutality attorney.

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