Biloxi, MSPolice officers in Biloxi sometimes use force in situations where it is not warranted at all. This may be because of an honest mistake, or because one or more officers did not follow proper procedures. One common situation that can result in violence is when a victim places an emergency call for help. 

When someone places a 911 call they expect to receive help from police and other emergency workers. However, there are a number of ways that this situation can get even worse if police do not follow proper use of force protocols or interact appropriately with individuals on the scene. 

Altercations on the scene

Sometimes police officers may misidentify someone and start a verbal altercation with a person. It is possible that this leads to physical violence, even when the person has done nothing wrong and may not even be a suspect in a criminal investigation. There have also been situations where police have reacted to a medical emergency with violence because they do not properly understand the person’s condition or demeanor. Unfortunately, the mere presence of police in an area with an emergency means that there is a possibility that violence will be the result. 

Investigations into misconduct

After an inappropriate use of force during an emergency, the department’s internal affairs or other government workers will usually review the situation. Because the people that are supposed to issue discipline and take actions against the officers are often their coworkers, it is rare that any kind of serious action will be taken by the department or municipality. Minor forms of discipline such as a short suspension without pay or temporary administrative duties are common. For these reasons, the victim should also retain their own lawyer after reporting the incident to the department. 

Lawsuits against the police department

Attorneys who work with civil rights issues and injury cases often sue police departments for various forms of harm. They will have to collect evidence that shows a deviation from standard protocols for use of force and general operations. The lawyer may also be able to call someone with a background and training in law enforcement as an expert witness. If the evidence of misconduct is clear, the department may offer a settlement to the victim to pay for most of their losses and medical treatment. In other situations, there may be a full trial and much longer legal battle. A meeting with a local attorney is useful for victims to get specific help.  

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