Pittsburgh, PA police brutality attorneys

You can file a complaint against a Pittsburgh, PA police officer by walking in to a PBP location or by calling the department.

If you believe a Pittsburgh police officer violated one or more rules and/or regulations of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police (PBP) or any state or federal laws, you can walk into a PBP location to report the alleged act. A supervisor should be called to the scene to discuss with you the incident and will likely as you for the following information:


  • Your name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Date, time, and location of the alleged act of misconduct
  • The name and badge number of the officer. In the event you were unable to obtain the name of the officer or he/she refused to provide it to you, the supervisor shall attempt to collect as much information about the officer (i.e. a description of him/her, their vehicle number, etc.).
  • The names, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses.
  • A description of the events that transpired involving the officer.


Once the information is obtained and documented in a PBP Special Report form, it will be handed over to the Commander of the location where you filed your complaint at. The Commander will then forward the original reports to the Chief of Police who is then responsible for reviewing them and conducting an investigation. The PBP also says that a copy of the reports will be filed in the officer’s performance file given he/she has been identified.

The Chief of Police will then request that the Office of Municipal Investigation (OMI) conduct an investigation and at the conclusion of that, determine if the accused officer was guilty of committing an act of misconduct. In the event the investigation reveals the officer was in violation of a law or policy, the Chief will determine what form of disciplinary action should be taken and take into consideration the recommendations provided by the OMI.


Can a third-party file a complaint against a Pittsburgh, PA police officer for misconduct?


Yes, the PBP accepts complaints from third-parties. Therefore, if you weren’t the one who was victimized by an officer but your friend, relative, or significant other was, you are permitted to submit a complaint on their behalf. You can file your complaint at the location where the officer is employed and it will go through the same process that is outlined above. The PBP also accepts anonymous complaints so if you wish to report an officer but do not want your identity revealed, you are permitted to do so.


Should I hire a PA police brutality attorney if a Pittsburgh, PA officer injured me?


police brutality attorneys in Pittsburgh, PA

Police brutality attorneys can help you hold a Pittsburgh, PA officer liable for violating your rights by filing a complaint against him/her and even filing a lawsuit.

If an officer engaged in any type of misconduct that left you or even a loved one injured, you might consider contacting a Pittsburg, PA police brutality attorney in addition to filing a complaint. Officers of the law are not permitted to apply any level of force that is considered to be excessive and may face serious consequences if you can prove he/she did. Now, there are many benefits to hiring a police misconduct attorney aside from getting an officer recognized for their inappropriate behavior so to find out what these are, contact USAttorneys.com so we can help you find a lawyer in your area.

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