When an individual who is supposed to be protecting you ends up taking advantage of you, it can be very hard to comprehend what happened and it can be even harder to try and figure out which steps need to be further taken. When a police officer ends up sexually assaulting a person and getting away with it then a lot of serious repercussions can occur. First of all, the assaulted individual will find it difficult to ever trust authority figures again and second of all, such an incident would entail that authority figures can do as they please and not be held to account for it.

However, this is not the case. There are many laws protecting the citizens of Allentown, PA from such incidents.

The Police Misconduct Provision covers sexual assault

It is actually considered a crime for individuals like police officers (who act under color of law) to use their power and authority to infringe on another person’s rights which are covered by the Constitution or other laws in the United States.  The good news is that sexual harassment or assault is also included in these laws, specifically under the Federal Police Misconduct Provision.

So basically, the law states that a police officer can be held to account if they sexually assault a person or if they take away any of their rights which are protected by the constitution. If an officer is found guilty they can be punished by losing their job, being fined or even facing imprisonment.

If sexual assault by a police officer does end up occurring to someone despite the law, then these victims need to take a few steps in order to ensure that they get compensated and that the officer who committed the crime faces a penalty.

Steps to take if you have been sexually assaulted by a police officer

Anyone who has been sexually assaulted by an officer needs to first determine whether what they experienced was a case of sexual harassment or not. Sexual harassment can constitute any of the following:

  • Being touched inappropriately
  • Having a full-body check done with no reasonable cause
  • Being spoken to in a sexually explicit manner
  • Being physically assaulted
  • Being coerced into sexual behavior

If any individual has faced any of the above points or something similar from an officer then it can generally be considered sexual harassment. The next step to take is to get in touch with a police brutality attorney in Allentown, PA who can help a person sort out what evidence they can acquire and also what paperwork needs to be filed. A lawyer who specializes in cases regarding police brutality can aid a person who has been sexually harassed by a police officer and help them fight their case until proper justice is served. Every case is different and the right attorney can help a person figure out where they stand and they can also help walk a person through all of the steps required when filing such a complaint against an officer.




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