After a white Minneapolis police officer knelt on George Floyd’s neck for over eight minutes, which eventually led to his death, individuals across the U.S. became outraged.  Some took their concerns to the streets to protest where they were joined by others who felt their same pain and anger. Others decided to use the opportunity to draw attention to the biased opinions of certain individuals who held a position in law enforcement. One of the individuals who has been called out for his “biased” views is the City of Palmer’s police chief, Dwayne Shelton.

Shelton became the topic of conversation after someone allegedly scrolled through his Facebook feed and uncovered comments from 2018 that now have many people worried. According to the Anchorage Daily News, Shelton created a post in response to the Black Lives Matter movement but in it, he wasn’t showing the support that many are used to. Instead, Shelton’s comment called the movement “a hate group plain and simple.” During that same year, the source says there were some additional disturbing comments made by Shelton. One of those comments “asserted that high levels of false reporting are common among sexual assault victims.”

Some of the other questionable comments that were found on Shelton’s Facebook feed read, “White privilege is a rubbish notion that is used to excuse the lack of hard work and motivation on certain members of society.” After the comments were brought to the attention of city officials, they decided to place Shelton on paid leave. After the chief of police was contacted for comment, this is what he had to say, “I’m not making any comments or making any statements regarding it until we get direction from the attorney.”


Shelton’s Daughter Drew Local Attention for the Graduation Cap She Wore in 2018


While Shelton’s Facebook comments have definitely stirred up some concern among local residents, his daughter’s actions also caught public attention after she wore a graduation cap that was decorated with a Confederate flag. Although school officials had given the teen an undecorated cap to wear as the flag “is symbolic for certain hate groups, according to the news source, she wore the decorated cap anyway.


Alaska Residents are Speaking Out Against Shelton’s Comments


As more and more people begin to see Shelton’s comments as they have been reposted on the pages of other users, people are beginning to speak out about them. Mariel Terry, who is an Anchorage resident, told the news source, “I think it’s pertinent to make the public aware of these sentiments because these are very overt, biased sentiments from someone who is in charge and has the potential to really impact the lives of people who one way or another may be allied with Black Lives Matter.”


Are you or someone you know a victim of biased-based policing?


If you answered yes and would like to learn more about what can be done to combat the act of police misconduct, can help you locate an Alaska police brutality lawyer in your city today.

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