The job of a police officer is to keep the streets as safe as possible from all forms of danger and crime. If an officer has a good reason to suspect that a person is a danger to society, they can do whatever they feel is necessary to get that person into custody. However, officers are not allowed to act unnecessarily.

An officer does not need a warrant to search a person if they are in a public place and they have a valid reason for their suspicions. If an officer conducts a lawful arrest, they can search a person without further consent. However, in order to search a person in their home, they will generally require a warrant. The only exception to this is that if there is an urgent state of emergency in which the officer needs to check the person to remove everyone from immediate danger.

If a person feels like an officer is being too rough with them or the officer is behaving violently during the search, they can request the officer to stop using so much force. It is important that a person puts their feelings into words during the search so when an attorney gets involved later, they can have their words as support for their claim of police brutality.

No matter how violent the officer is being it is a good idea not to physically attack the officer or to swear and scream at them in return as this can be taken as battery against an officer and lead a person to face very serious penalties.

Thanks to the protection granted through the Fourth Amendment, illegal searches are not permitted and a person has every right to get in touch with a police brutality lawyer in Orlando, Florida if they feel like they have been searched for no reason or their privacy has been violated by an officer.

What allegations can an officer be penalized for?

A police officer can face legal penalties if it is found that they participated in:

Officers are eligible for qualified immunity with the law but that is only when there is no evidence to prove their misconduct. If an officer is guilty of any of the above crimes, a person should not hesitate to reach out to a police brutality attorney in order to begin the legal paperwork which will lead to justice against the officer.

Police brutality cases can be slightly more complicated due to the fact officers have so much authority, but with the correct evidence, a person can win the compensation they need to recover from any damages they suffered at the officer’s hands. The more damage a person suffered, the more chances they will be granted financial compensation for their losses.





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