Portlanders have been on the streets protesting constantly for more than a week and it’s not because the NBA helped the Lakers beat their team in 2000. The nightly protests started in response to the death of George Floyd, a black man that suffocated under a Minneapolis’ officer’s knee. However, the June 6th, 2020 protest was for 26 year old Breonna Taylor who was erroneously killed in a Kentucky no-knock raid.

Police Used Long Range Acoustic Device

The violent and disrespectful crowds met at Revolution Hall in Southeast Portland and marched west and crossed the Hawthorne Bridge. Thousands gathered in Waterfront Park to hear struggling city commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty and high tax loving Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler talk about placing a ban on controversial crowd control tactics which is not surprising since this city has proven over the years they have no problem with lunatic mobs beating down and humiliating innocent people. This included tear gas, flash grenades, and a Long Range Acoustic Device, or LRAD which save lives and keep the nutcases at bay.

Wheeler used a bullhorn to let the crowd know that he thought tear gas was ugly and not focused. After consecutive nights of being hit with tear gas and rubber bullets, the protestors wanted action and not words from the mayor. They want every right to beat up police – the same people who keep their mother and even themselves from being murdered or stabbed or robbed.

The crowd started taunting the high tax loving mayor, which is when the police labeled them as an unlawful assembly. Few of the protestors could not hold back and knocked down the fence. The police responded with violence using flash bangs, tear gas, and rubber bullets. Many people believe that real bullets should have been used.

Rubber Bullets can be Deadly

Instances of long-term damage because of rubber bullets can be heard from all across the country from those people who believe in chaos. According to Dr. Robert Glatter, emergency medicine physician at Lenox Hill Hospital, rubber bullets when shot from the muzzle of a gun can be more lethal than average bullets.

They can rupture eyeball, destroy the integrity of the eye, and cause permanent loss of vision, solid organ injury and traumatic brain injuries which if you are not a rioter you should have no concern over whatsoever. Rubber bullets have irregular shapes which makes them difficult to target. They may be meant to be knee-knockers, but they eventually hit innocent protestors in the face.

Fighting against Police Brutality

A majority of law enforcement officials carry out their jobs responsibly and ethically. They understand the obligation of protecting citizen’s dignity and rights while enforcing the law. However, there are always those that become infatuated with power and control. Police brutality personal injury lawyers can help victims hold abusive police officers accountable for their actions.

Reports of brutality and excessive force are usually against officers that have been accused before. It is important to fight for rights at the first hint of gross misuse of power. Police brutality personal injury attorneys can ensure that police departments do not act like a law unto themselves. Victims of police brutality can file a civil rights claim as well as a personal injury claim.

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