Opa-Locka, Florida, City Officials Repeal Ordinance that Bans Saggy Pants

City officials in Opa-Locka, FL recently took a vote as to whether Ordinance 07-19, which bans individuals from wearing saggy pants apparel that exposes their underwear or undergarments in city buildings and parks, should be repealed. Wink News says that in a 4-1 vote, officials decided to abolish the ordinance. The law, which took effect on October 24, 2007, was created to “establish a dress code for city officials which would prohibit the wearing of saggy pants which exposed underwear in public facilities.”

The repeal comes amid protests for police reform and justice over the killing of many unarmed and innocent individuals, particularly Black males. Vice Mayor Chris Davis, who proposed the repeal, says the law “was originally created with the intent to encourage young individuals—specifically young Black males and males in general—to dress to certain standards in the community.” But Davis added that “you can’t pass a law to target any segment of a population. It has to be equitable.”

In 2013, the ordinance was expanded to include women and public spaces and came with a fine of $500 if violated, according to the news source.

After opting to repeal the law, city officials issued this statement, “Since its inception, this law disproportionately affected certain segments of our population, including Black and brown men and women.” Rather than ban a certain type of dress code, the city agrees to take a “less aggressive approach of educating our constituents to encourage proper dress.” However, before the repeal becomes official, the source says it will need to be approved again at the next commission meeting.


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