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If you are preparing to file a complaint against a Tulsa, OK police officer, read on below to find out what process the department follows once your complaint is received.

If you are considering filing a complaint against an officer employed with the Tulsa Police Department for an act of misconduct, you may be wondering who will review it and if it will be taken seriously. The fact is, taking the initiative to file a complaint against an officer is a big step, one many are often afraid to take, so if you intend on doing so you want to be sure that your concerns are not ignored. Therefore, if you plan on filing a complaint, and we will outline how you can do this below, here is what you can expect to transpire following your submission.


How to file a complaint against a Tulsa, OK police officer?


There are a number of ways the Tulsa Police Department (TPD) offers for you to file your complaint. These include:

  • Going into a patrol division during their normal operating hours or contacting them by phone.
  • Complete the online form which can be found at tulsapolice.org/internalaffairs.
  • Email your complaint to [email protected]
  • Fax your complaint to the Internal Affairs Unit at 918-596-9217.
  • Contact the TPD Internal Affairs Hotline at 918-596-1355.
  • Contact the officer’s supervisor.
  • Contact the city’s Ethics Hotline at 877-888-0002, or online at tnwinc.com/webreport.
  • Contact the Mayor’s Action Center at 918-596-2100.
  • Contact the Dispatch Non-Emergency line at 918-596-9222.
  • Send in your complaint to the following address:

Tulsa Police Department C/O Internal Affairs
600 Civic Center Ste. 305

Tulsa, Ok 74103


What happens after the appropriate department receives my complaint?


Once your complaint has been received, you can expect the following to occur:


  1. The complaint will be reviewed and investigated either by the employee’s supervisor or the Internal Affairs unit.
  2. Once the investigation has been completed, “the findings are reviewed by the employee’s chain of command to determine a recommendation.”
  3. The Chief of Police will “review the allegations, findings, and recommendations, and make a final determination on the disposition.” If the final disposition is sustained, which means the incident occurred and the officer was in violation of a policy or law, disciplinary action will be taken.
  4. The Chief’s Office will contact you and explain what outcome of the investigation was. 


How often do complaints result with a sustained disposition?


Tulsa, OK police brutality lawyers

If you are looking to obtain justice against a Tulsa, OK police officer for mistreating you during a stop or while making an arrest, you’ll want to retain a police misconduct lawyer who can assist you.

Although victims of police misconduct are encouraged to report an officer to their department for any inappropriate behavior they display, you should know that it isn’t very often that a sustained disposition is reached. For instance, in 2017, the TPD received 381 citizen-initiated complaints of which only 53 resulted in an officer being found guilty of violating a policy or law. What that tells you is that although your complaint may be accepted and investigated, very rarely will an officer face any sort of disciplinary action, even when they are guilty of misconduct.

With that said, it is always a good idea to hire a Tulsa, OK police brutality lawyer depending on the nature of the incident who can help you take legal action against the officer in an effort to get him/her recognized for their act(s) of misconduct. If you are ready to speak with an OK police brutality attorney now, contact the Henson Law Firm, PLLC at 918-551-8995. You will receive a free consultation when you call and can learn more about how this firm can assist you with your matter.


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