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Oklahoma police officers have the right to pull out their weapon and shoot a potential suspect or threatening individual if they feel their life is in danger or it is necessary to apply this excessive use of force. In many cases, suspects who are “noncompliant” or resisting an offices commands find themselves being harmed by officers of the law. The trouble is, many who are complying with officer demands are still subjected this abuse, and this is recognized as police brutality.

Unfortunately, many officers of the law abuse and misuse their right to carry a gun, which has led to numerous lives taken in the state of Oklahoma. Police brutality is an ongoing issue, and continues to grow as a concern in the state.

Are you a victim of police brutality? Did a family member of yours suffer injuries because a police officer abused their rights and mistreated them? If you answered yes, don’t hesitate to come forward with your complaints and share them with a trustworthy Oklahoma police brutality attorney. We help people like you find legal counsel who can support and advise you as to what you should do about this problem.


What is Police Brutality?

Police brutality isn’t only classified as an officer who uses their weapon when it isn’t necessary do to so, rather, is it when any officer applies more force than they called for which leads to physical and emotional suffering of an individual(s). Many innocent bystanders or those who are accused of a harmless crime are faced with police misconduct. Civilians and those convicted of crimes both struggle with police brutality as correctional officers are also capable of applying excessive force as well.


Taking on a Police Brutality Case Alone Isn’t Recommended

Going up against a police department, especially one that is tightly knitted together, isn’t going to be easy. In a past investigation where police fatally shot and killed two individuals, the officers were backed and supported by their agency along with the district attorney. This case was only one out of several that was brought before a grand jury, and even then, the police walked away facing no criminal charges.

According to News OK, U.S. Marshals Metro Fugitive Task Force attempted to serve an arrest warrant to Christopher Stout of Oklahoma which prompted him and his girlfriend to flee. Officers crashed into the truck they left in and opened fire. The two were parents of a young child who now has neither parent to be there to raise nor teach them.  A criminal justice professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha stated that “it is extremely rare for a law enforcement officer to be criminally charged in the shooting of a suspect.”

What does this mean for a police misconduct victim? That it might be a struggle to get your lawsuit filed, but with the right legal aid, you have a higher chance of holding an officer accountable for their wrongdoing. Whether an officer verbally abused you, mishandled you during an arrest, or you were critically injured as an officer attempted to bring you in for questioning, you have rights and it is time you exercise those.

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