Oklahoma City Police officers fired flash bangs, tear gas, and rubber bullets on May 30th into a crowd of unruly and disrespectful demonstrators. Many of the protestors were injured and some were even maimed as a result of the rubber bullets. The bad police in Minnesota have been arrested – many people believe the violence emanating from this event has been obscene and it’s time to move on.

The protestors gathered following the death of George Floyd in Minnesota last week. A white officer that has been charged with manslaughter and third-degree murder planted his knee firmly on Floyd’s neck (two out of the three officers watching this happen on the scene were non-white). Floyd later died after his calls for help went ignored.

The march took place around 7:30 pm and completely blocked the busy intersection of NW 23rd Street and Classen Boulevard. 30 people were arrested for assaulting officers and vandalism (many of them minority owned business) by the end of the night. Things escalated around 11:30 pm near police headquarters when officers fired flash bangs. This is when rubber bullets were used too.

Rubber Bullets Maiming Citizens across the Country

Violent 18-year-old Dayshawn McHolder thought he had been punched when he got struck by a rubber bullet in the jaw in a similar protest held in the beleaguered city of Sacramento. His jaw is severally broken in multiple places and he won’t be able to eat solid food for the next eight weeks which is better than the police officer in St. Louis who was murdered about 10 days ago.

A similar fate happened to freelance photographer Linda Tirado when she was struck in the eye with a rubber bullet during Minneapolis protests which is a city who wants to defund the police when it’s obvious this city needs more police according to observers. She is permanently damaged in her left eye and claims that she knows seven other people who have lost an eye because of these kinetic impact projectiles.

In fact, the American Academy of Ophthalmology issued a statement earlier this month calling on domestic law enforcement officials to stop using these weapons as a way to crowd control but have offered no other way to stop rampaging mobs of people from looting and destroying.

According to a 2017 BMJ study more than 3% people that were injured by rubber bullets in the neck or head, died as a result of the injuries.

Understanding Rights Against Oklahoma Police Brutality

Law enforcement officials that use excessive force or engage in brutality essentially violate a victim’s rights under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. This involves police misconduct during arrest and investigation. Police misconduct lawyers can be valuable in understanding rights and navigating these lawsuits.

Victims have legal grounds for a lawsuit even though police officers are granted immunity as a perk of their authority. The lawsuit can also be filed against other arresting officers or the department employing them. An experienced police misconduct attorney can ensure that all responsible parties are held accountable.

The burden of proof in excessive force cases is much lower since these cases are generally matters of civil law. This means that a plaintiff may only prove that the police officer is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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