police brutality attorneys in Dayton, OH

If you ever find yourself being pulled over by an officer in Dayton, OH, consider following the suggestions provided below to help prevent the traffic stop from escalating into a more serious matter.

Many individuals who are stopped by law enforcement officers often feel nervous, intimidated, or scared as they don’t know how the traffic stop might go. The truth is, once a driver sees those flashing blue and red lights reflect in their mirror, they often wonder if the officer is going to be courteous and polite to them or if they are going to be one of those officers who abuse their power to violate an innocent citizen’s rights. Because traffic stops in the past have proven that the encounter could go either way, it is best that individuals in Dayton, OH become more informed on what their rights are as well as what should be done when stopped by an officer of the law.

Knowing how to conduct yourself during a traffic stop with an officer in Dayton, OH can reduce the chances of the situation escalating into something more serious which is why we are outlining for you below some suggestions on what you should do when stopped. These suggestions come directly from the Dayton Police Department and should be considered if you ever find yourself being pulled over by a police officer.


  • When you see that an officer is attempting to stop you, you will want to pull your vehicle over immediately to the right.
  • Stay in your seat and refrain from opening your doors unless the officer has requested that you do so. If the officer asks you step out of your vehicle, comply with their commands.
  • You should place your vehicle in park and roll down your window when the officer approaches your vehicle.
  • If you are pulled over at night, turn on your interior lights so the officer is able to clearly see inside of your vehicle.
  • Keep both your hands visible at all times. The Dayton Police Department recommends that you place them at the top of the steering wheel.
  • Avoid making any movements until the officer has approached your vehicle and has asked that you provide him/her with your license and registration.
  • If the documentation requested is located in a compartment or purse, be sure to let the officer know where it is and that you are going to retrieve it from there. Avoid reaching inside of anything where the officer cannot see as this could cause them to feel threatened and result in them applying force.
  • If the officer gives any orders, be sure you comply with them immediately.
  • In the event you are carrying a firearm and have a concealed weapon permit, inform the officer of this immediately.


Some other suggestions the department has for individuals in Dayton when stopped by a law enforcement officer include:

  • Never argue with the officer.
  • If the officer issues you a citation, sign the ticket and take your copy. You can always appeal the ticket or attend the court hearing to refute it.


Can I report an officer in Dayton, OH if they mistreat me during a traffic stop?


police brutality attorneys in Dayton, OH

If a Dayton, OH police officer mistreated you in any way during a traffic stop, contact an OH police brutality lawyer immediately.

In the event you feel the officer acted inappropriately or engaged in any type of behavior that would be considered a form of misconduct, you can inform the officer’s supervisor by calling 937-333-2677. Now, depending on how serious the officer’s behavior was, you may even wish to contact a Dayton, OH police brutality lawyer if you feel that notifying their supervisor isn’t going to be enough. USAttorneys.com can help you find and retain a lawyer who has a successful track record in litigating police brutality cases and we can place you in touch with one of these legal experts today.

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