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Police brutality often occurs when officers of the law, such as police or correctional workers, initially use their right to apply use of force when a suspect or other individual is noncompliant, but go beyond necessary means. While every case an officer engages in is going to be different, generally, each has an idea as to how much force is necessary as they are trained and taught on how to apply this.


What does use of force mean?

The National Institute of Justice states that there in no one way to define use of force which could be a potential red flag as some agencies may allow their officers to exert more which in return leaves innocent citizens suffering from physical and mental injuries. However, the International Association of Chiefs of Police describes use of force as “the amount of effort required by police to compel compliance by an unwilling subject.” The issue with this is that some officers aren’t aware of when they are violating a citizen’s rights which may be viewed as them simply trying to get a noncompliant subject to obey their commands.

With that said, it is also stated that “no universal set of rules governs when officers should apply use of force and how much.”

But, if you feel that an officer employed in the state of Ohio violated your constitutional rights and you wish to seek justice against them, now is the time to bring your claim forward. We are in a day and age where police brutality and misconduct cases are appearing far too often and the only way to show you aren’t tolerating this is to hire your own representative who can exercise their rights when it comes to the law. is avalibale to assist anyone in search of legal representation or even advice find it nearby to them. Whether you live in Cuyahoga, Franklin or Hamilton County, we will be sure to pair you up with an aggressive Ohio police brutality lawyer who can help.


How Should Officers Determine How Much Force is Used?

While it varies by situation, an officer of the law should only apply enough force if the given situation calls for it. Some viable situations where officers apply use of force include:


What is Excessive Force?

When police or correctional officers apply too much force and it isn’t called for, they may be guilty of using excessive force. This means they are abusing their rights as cops and taking advantage of a citizen while disregarding their rights.


A Primary Case of Police Brutality

According to, an Akron resident was beaten immorally when he refused to let officer into his home. Officers arrived to William “Yogi” Pryer’s home where it was said he took a woman’s trailer which he claims belonged to him. He stated that she failed to make payments which prompted him to reclaim his property. Because officers wanted to get inside of his home, they stated that his fiancé gave permission for them to enter. They entered his bedroom where they beat him, leaving him with fractured facial bones and a busted eye socket. The 66-year old man needed surgery for the awful and unnecessary harm that was inflicted upon him.

This mistreatment is not only uncalled for, but it is also unethical and illegal. If your case is similar to that mentioned above or slightly differs, don’t let another day go by without you bringing attention to your matter. Give us a call now so you can become one step closer to being connected to a respectable and caring OH police brutality lawyer in your city.