After Americans watched former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneel on George Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes which eventually led to his death, millions of Americans became enraged. People decided they have had enough of watching police officers take the lives of unarmed black men and decided to do something about it. It started with a few local protestors who held signs and stood near the location where Floyd’s life was taken. Soon after, the crowd began to grow in size.

While protests began in Minneapolis, news source sites quickly began reporting that more and more individuals were standing up against police brutality in many other cities, including Denver. While some protestors remained calm and spoke up for their rights in a civilized manner, others began rioting, causing the scene to become a violent one. On Saturday, Denver saw one of the “largest and most intense afternoon protests” with people chanting, yelling, and carrying signs that all aimed to send one message, “Black Lives Matter” [Source: The Denver Post].

The calm crowd was seen wearing face masks and carrying signs that protested against George Floyd’s death. State Reps. Like Leslie Herod and James Coleman were out protesting as well, leading choruses of “Black Lives Matter” and “Hands up, don’t shoot” chants, says the source. Denver school board member Tay Anderson was also present on Saturday “pleading” for the people to march “peacefully. Over the next few hours, however, the mood shifted.


Police Shoot Tear Gas into Crowd of Protestors


Hours after the protest began in Denver, officers were seen shooting fire tear gas, pepper balls, flash bangs, and sponge bullets at protestors to move them away from the Capitol. Denver City Councilman Chris Hinds spoke up regarding the recent protests as he says he has been watching them since Thursday. According to Hinds, he says “he saw both people in the crowd and members of law enforcement escalate the situation.” He also added, “there were definitely some actions by law enforcement that I believe were a little overzealous.”


Seeking Justice for Police Misconduct


Many lives have been directly impacted by police brutality and while protests aim to shed light on the issue, there are other ways of seeking justice when a loved one has been harmed or killed by the hands of a police officer. If you or a relative are a victim of police misconduct and you are looking to hold an officer(s) accountable for their ill behavior, the Denver, CO police misconduct lawyers at Bryan & Terrill Law, PLLC are prepared to help you. Police brutality is a growing issue and the only way to stop it is to allow Colorado police misconduct attorneys like those at Bryan & Terrill Law, PLLC assist you with obtaining the justice you deserve.


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