Law enforcement has been known to become overzealous when pursuing a suspect. This can result in someone being injured or killed for a minor offense. 

A man from Oakland Park, Florida was fatally shot by Broward County police detectives after two attempted traffic stops.

Young male is shot by police after fleeing from two attempted traffic stops

The victim initially made contact with officers when they saw him driving erratically on interstate highway 95 at the Cypress Creek exit. He pulled onto Commercial Boulevard and was stopped an officer. As the officer on the scene suspected the man was impaired, he requested someone with a DUI certification to test him. The suspect quickly sped away. The lone officer on the scene at that time did not initially pursue the suspect, which is a standard department policy to avoid accidents and danger on the road

Based on the information from the driver’s license plate and his identification, his address in Oakland Park was found. The local police for that jurisdiction were notified. About six hours after the initial traffic stop, another officer located the vehicle on Dixie Highway near Floranada Road. A second traffic stop was made, but the victim fled again. The officer notified a special unit to intervene.   

The shooting took place when he parked his black Chevy vehicle in the Floranada Apartments on Northeast 50th Court. A third group of Broward County Sheriff’s Officers responded to the area at about 2:30pm that day after the victim was spotted again. Police on the scene say they saw him reach for a large caliber weapon as they approached, and they opened fire. Multiple shots hit the victim, and he was transported to Broward Health Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead a short time later. 

The victim was identified as a 24 year old male who lived locally and had an outstanding warrant. His address on his identification was approximately two miles from where he was killed. The head Broward Sheriff issued a statement that the officer’s actions while on the scene are standard protocols for when a suspect is armed and reaching for a weapon. None of the police officers on the scene were injured.

After this incident, the area near the apartments where the incident took place was shut down with road closings for several hours as the investigation began.

Oakland Park is a city located just north of Fort Lauderdale. 

Are the police justified in using force?

Mere flight from police officers is not enough of a reason to use deadly force. The government’s interest in apprehending suspects does not become so great that they must be killed if they are in flight. The official version of the story includes the suspect reaching for a gun, however it can be difficult to determine what actually happened considering the victim’s version of the story will never be told. It does not seem that any shots were actually fired by the victim at the scene and no officers were harmed. 

Get help after the police have mistreated you

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