Hire A Police Misconduct Attorney In North Dakota

Police brutality is when an officer of the law uses excessive or unnecessary force when dealing with a citizen. Excessive force means that the officer used more force than necessary in any given situation. This can vary in type as police can abuse their power of authority in various ways. Most police brutality cases result in physical abuse although verbal misconduct is also a form of police brutality as well.

If you live in the state of North Dakota and you believe you are a victim of police misconduct, don’t be afraid to speak up and notify a police brutality lawyer of this mistreatment. We hear about these cases on the news and view them in viral videos on social media so we are aware they occur. And although you may be worried about the repercussions that might follow with you bringing your claims forward, you can rest assured that our police brutality attorneys in North Dakota will only take action if you elect to hire them to represent your case. But it is important that you at least have the opportunity to sit down with one of our lawyers and hear them out as they will explain what it is that can be done so that justice is provided.


What would constitute as excessive force?

Again, these cases can vary, however, any force that is beyond reasonable means is considered excessive. Some examples are provided below to help you better relate your situation and decide if you think you are a victim of police abuse.



While there are a great deal of police officials who are truly out there protecting and serving the community, there are still those who aren’t able to balance what is appropriate use of force and when it becomes excessive. We are supposed to be able to trust our officers and believe that the actions they take are the right way to handle a matter. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and many innocent individuals are physically and verbally mistreated by a police officer who abuses his/her power.

This treatment is not only unfair, but it is unethical and our dedicated and trustworthy ND police brutality attorneys featured on our site are more than aware of this. So rather than just accept the fact that you were mistreated and now may be emotionally scarred, let one of our legal representatives help get you the compensation you deserve and the justice that you are worthy of receiving.