police brutality lawyers in Raleigh, NC

A police brutality attorney can help you hold a police officer in Raleigh accountable if they applied excessive force on a mentally ill individual.

Police officers in Raleigh encounter all kinds of people including those who suffer from mental illnesses which is why they undergo crisis intervention training so that they know how to handle situations involving these types of individuals. When undergoing crisis intervention training, officers are generally provided with different options on how to deal with someone who suffers from a mental illness so that it is less likely for them to have to apply force or for them to have to make an arrest. Sadly, despite the training many police officers are required to complete, many neglect to apply the methods they have been taught in terms of handling an encounter with a mentally ill individual which causes these encounters to become violent and sometimes even deadly.

In 2018, a confrontation broke out between Frederick Hall and police officers in Raleigh, NC after Hall was pulled over for a traffic stop [Source: The News and Observer]. Hall, who suffers from a mental illness and was not medicated at the time of the stop, was seen in body cam footage striking and throwing punches at several officers which resulted in them hitting him with a baton, kicking him, and stomping on his hand. ABC 11 also pointed out that officers violated their department’s baton policy. Hall had to be hospitalized after the altercation and once stable, was transferred to the local jail.

Now, although Hall did become combative with the officers, there are certain tactics officers are expected to employ to avoid confrontation so that incidents don’t escalate to these levels. And in the event an officer is required to apply force to gain control over a suspect, they must not violate their department’s policies. However, when officers aren’t properly trained or have received no training at all on how to deal with mentally ill individuals, these types of encounters often result in a physical confrontation.


 Reporting a Raleigh, NC Police Officer Who Applied Excessive Force on a Mentally Ill Suspect


If you wish to report an officer who is employed by the Raleigh Police Department (RPD) for injuring a mentally ill person during a traffic stop or other type of encounter, you can do so by contacting the RPD Office of Internal Affairs and Professional Standards via email. You can send your complaint to  [email protected] and you will want to include the following information:


  • Date of the incident
  • Time it occurred
  • Location
  • Officers name
  • Details that explain what happened


Raleigh, NC police brutality lawyers

If you are looking to seek justice for the physical abuse you or a loved one endured during a physical encounter with a Raleigh, NC police officer, contact USAttorneys.com to be connected with a police misconduct attorney in your area.

Aside from sending in your complaint, you are also encouraged to consult with a Raleigh, NC police brutality attorney as soon as possible who is willing to stand up to police brutality and help you take legal recourse against the officer for his/her misconduct. Too many individuals are victimized by police officers who abuse the power they hold and it is time to take a stand against this mistreatment and begin recognizing those who aren’t abiding by the laws and policies they are required to. If you would like to speak with an experienced Raleigh, NC police brutality lawyer in your area now, contact USAttorneys.com for help with this.

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