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If you recently filed a complaint against a Charlotte, NC police officer, you can expect it to go through the steps outlined below.

When a complaint is filed against a Charlotte, NC police officer, it goes through a process that eventually leads to a disposition. If you recently filed a complaint against an officer either through the Charlotte-Mecklenburg PoliceDepartment (CMPD) or the City of Charlotte, these are the steps it will go through.


  1. Once you file your complaint, it will be reviewed to determine who will be responsible for investigating it.


  1. If the complaint is considered to be a lower-level allegation, it will be investigated by the employee’s supervisor. In the event the allegation is of a more serious nature, it will be investigated by the Internal Affairs Unit and decided on by an Independent Chain of Command which consists of supervisors who do not work with the officer named in the complaint.


  1. Regardless of who is responsible for investigating the complaint, a disposition will be reached, and the complainant will be notified of this decision. Here are the four possible dispositions:


  • Your allegation is proven to be true based on the evidence received.
  • Not sustained. There is not enough information to prove or disprove the allegation.
  • It was determined that the employee acted within the scope of their employment even though the incident did occur.
  • The allegation is false or the incident did not occur.


If the party responsible for investigating your complaint finds that your allegations are true, disciplinary action will be taken. Now, you should be aware that when corrective action is being decided on, the CMPD says the following will also be taken into account:


  • The employee’s motivation.
  • The degree of harm.
  • The employee’s experience and whether the errors made were intentional or unintentional.
  • The employee’s past performance history.​


What if I am not content with the disposition that was reached?


If you feel the CMPD did not properly discipline an officer for their act of misconduct, you can appeal the decision with the Citizens Review Board (CRB) within 30 days after receiving the disposition. The following types of cases are eligible for review:


  • Arbitrary Profiling
  • Arrest Search & Seizure​
  • Discharge of Firearm with injury​
  • Inappropriate conduct
  • Use of Force


The CRB will review the evidence along with the disposition and determine if there was an error made. In the event the CRB finds that no mistake was made in how the officer was punished, no further action will be taken. If the CRB does find an error was made, the Chief of Police will need to review the CRB’s findings and take an appropriate form of action.


Is there anything else I can do to recognize a Charlotte, NC police officer for their misconduct?

police brutality attorneys in Charlotte, NC

If you are not pleased with how your complaint was handled, you have the option of appealing the decision and can also contact a Charlotte police brutality attorney.

Yes, aside from filing a complaint with the CMPD, you can also contact a police brutality lawyer in Charlotte, NC who can assist you with taking additional steps to hold the officer accountable for his/her behavior. To get connected with a lawyer near you who has experience in handling cases of police misconduct, contact now.

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