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Get A Police Brutality Lawyer In North Carolina

There are many things that transpire behind jail cell doors, some of which is caught on video surveillance and the rest that isn’t and is swept under the rug. While jail is a place that is run to house criminals and keep them off the streets, many innocent people find themselves faced with time behind bars for a crime they didn’t commit. Both the guilty and the innocent aren’t only subjected to living in these facilities based on their sentencing verdict, but often times, many are physically and verbally abused by the officers. Although most of the officers who work inside these facilities are there to do their job, some take advantage of their power and abuse it.


What is Police Brutality?

Police brutality is a serious issue that doesn’t only occur outside on the open streets but also inside many jails and prisons. When an officer of the law, whether it be a correctional officer or even a sheriff, acts out of the scope of their employment duties and engages in an act that is considered illegal, they might be recognized as committing an act of police brutality. Police brutality can range from a number of different things including:

While some forms of police brutality are more identifiable than others, with the help of one of our recommended North Carolina police brutality lawyers, they can assist anyone who has become a victim gather pertinent evidence that could help plead their case.

Has your loved one been victimized during their stay in a North Carolina jail? Did a correctional officer inflict unnecessary harm to you while you were serving your sentence? If yes, don’t be left under the impression that nothing can be done. Our police brutality attorneys in North Carolina are looking to help take a stand against police misconduct and abuse and are able to help you file a lawsuit or even a personal injury claim against the officer and even the prison facility itself.


Correctional Officers, Police, and Sheriffs Can Be Held Accountable for Police Brutality

Like police officers, those working inside jails and prisons are permitted to apply force should the situation call for it. Many who work inside places that house inmates are around individuals who have committed violent crimes that have resulted in death which is why they too have the right to protect themselves and the other inmates around. But, the problem is, how much force is too much? Many officers aren’t aware of this or feel just because they can apply force that it doesn’t matter how much.

Therefore, if you believe you were mistreated by a North Carolina officer and would like to file a complaint or a lawsuit against them, let us connect you with a NC police brutality attorney who is going to ensure this is done properly, efficiently, and in a timely manner.