police brutality attorneys in Buffalo, NY

Although most police brutality cases end with an officer walking away without receiving any disciplinary action, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire a lawyer of your own if you were mistreated by a police officer in Buffalo, NY.

Although police officers are authorized to apply force at various levels, it doesn’t mean they are permitted to apply any more force than what would be necessary in any given circumstance. Sadly, many do which often leads to individuals suffering serious and debilitating injuries and others being killed. And the reality is, this unnecessary violence displayed by many police officers either goes unrecognized or if it is brought to the public’s attention, the case will likely be dismissed which allows the officer to walk away from the incident without facing any sort of consequence for his/her behavior.


But why?


Why are police officers in Brooklyn, Buffalo, and other cities across the state of NY let off the hook for misconduct? Well, there are a few potential reasons, although they don’t serve as justification for why a police officer isn’t reprimanded for the way they mistreat people. According to information gathered by The Buffalo News, here are a few of those reasons that explain why some jurors decide to not find an officer guilty of misconduct even when they are.


  1. Some jurors recognize that officers are trained and authorized to apply force, even if it is deadly force. Because many individuals believe that police officers are properly trained to apply force, they assume the officer in question did what he/she had to at the time, despite what others might think. The truth is, not all officers on the force understand when deadly force should be applied and many often resort to their firearm as their first life of defense when, in fact, it should be their last.


  1. The jury becomes deadlocked on a case. While it is known that police officers have a very risky job they must do, they shouldn’t be excused from displaying inappropriate or unwarranted behavior while performing their duties.However, there may be individuals on the jury who take into account how stressful and strenuous a police officer’s job is and use that as their basis when making a decision on whether the officer is guilty of misconduct or not. Between the jurors who are able to distinguish right from wrong and those who are more understanding to the nature of a police officer’s job, many jurors find themselves in a disagreement which results in the jury becoming hung or deadlocked.


  1. The jury has a high level of respect for police officers. Many jurors who are chosen for a spot on the jury respect the police and find it difficult to “hear a convicted felon sit up there on the witness stand and accuse a police officer of using excessive force,” says a NY defense attorney. This often leads to the jury finding the officer not guilty, hence, he or she gets to walk free.


What can I do to increase my chances of getting a buffalo, NY police officer recognized for misconduct?


police brutality attorneys in Buffalo, NY

The Buffalo, NY police brutality attorneys we will place you in touch with will fight for the justice you and your loved ones deserve.

If you are looking to increase your chances of getting a Buffalo police officer recognized for misconduct, you’ll need one of the best police brutality lawyers in Buffalo, NY representing you. Getting a police officer recognized for things like biased-based policing, racial profiling, or applying excessive force isn’t going to be easy but it isn’t impossible. With the help from an experienced police brutality attorney, not only will you be able to fight to have criminal charges filed against the officer, but you could potentially collect compensation for the pain and suffering the office has caused you.

To find out how a police misconduct attorney in Buffalo can help you, contact USAttorneys.com to get connected with a legal expert in your area.

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