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Police misconduct and New York City have an ongoing unsettling history between the men and women in blue and the criminals who often end up victims of law enforcement encounters where they are met with excessive force causing physical harm and/or death, sexual assaults,  unlawful searches and false arrest.  Police, under color of law, are allowed to use their authoritative powers to apprehend criminals, but sometimes their aggressive or biased actions escalate an incident into an egregious life-damaging event for the victim and/or their families. If you or someone you know has been a victim to police misconduct, it is the best time to hire a New York lawyer to review your cause of action.  USAttorneys.com is a valuable resource to that end due to its ability to offer a one stop review of a variety of New York City lawyers before you contact them.

Mandatory Records of New York City Police Use of Force.

A New York City ruling in 2016 mandated that all encounters using any type of force are supposed to be recorded for data tracking purposes and to identify patterns of officers or a certain targeted demographic possibly victimized by biased-based profiling. The policy addressed levels of force classifications but did not change when police officers can and cannot use force.

Level 1: Physical Force/Less Lethal Device: Hand strikes, foot strikes, forcible take-downs and use of pepper spray;

Level 2: Use of Impact Weapon/Canine/Less Lethal Device: Use of stun guns, batons or police canine bites;

Level 3: Deadly physical force: firearms discharge, physical force readily capable of causing death or serious physical injury.

The unfortunate loop hole in this policy is that some officers are using force in situations where an arrest is not made and therefore no record of this action is available or counted in the data.  If you believe you have been a victim of a police officer’s brutality, even if no arrest was made you should call a New York City lawyer to see if you have a cause of action.  Speaking to a lawyer will help you decide if you have an excessive force claim against a New York City Police officer and you should not be intimidated because real help is available to you.

New Report Claims Lack of Transparency is Damaging.

The activities of misconduct involving police who have overstepped their professional authority and committed some form of negative action are often concealed from the community since little information is publicly released about the review of NYPD officers due to New York State Section 50-A of the Civil Rights Law, that ensures privacy for officers accused of violations.  USAttorneys.com can help you find an attorney to shed some light on your police misconduct claim and what type of action was levied against the officer that caused it.

Hire the Best New York Attorney.

Legal counsel specializing in actions of police brutality will be able to review the incident of police misconduct that caused you damage and:

  1. Assist you with a formal department complaint if you have not already made one;
  2. Discuss the supporting law regarding your claim, such as violations of civil rights, personal injury, damages and possible outcomes.
  3. File civil or criminal charges related to the negative police encounter.
  4. Hire a legal support team to investigate, gather data, assist you with any life-changing events the damages caused you and prepare the action for a court appearance.
  5. Represent you in a court situation updating you on legally reviewed probable outcomes.
  6. Assist you with the settlement of your case.









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