Individuals who suffer from mental disorders have to fight many battles, and a major problem they face is discrimination. Being discriminated by the general community is one thing, but facing discrimination from an authority figure such as a police officer can literally be life-threatening.

Innocent Bipolar man shot and killed by Police officers in New York

In 2018, officers of the New York Police Department (NYPD) shot and killed a bipolar African-American man by the name of Saheed Vessel. Saheed Vessel was known by his neighbors as a harmless man who suffered from bipolar disorder. On one unfortunate day, he was standing in a subway station with a metal pipe in his hand. Police officers came to the scene with the knowledge that vessel was armed with a ‘silver firearm’ and when they got there they assumed he was holding a gun so they shot at him and killed him.

In most court trials, individuals who have mental disorders are not penalized in the same way as individuals who are able to independently and clearly think for themselves. Naturally, this makes sense as a person cannot really be held accountable for their actions if they do not understand what their actions entail.

If a person has been hurt by an officer while they suffer from a psychological condition, then they need to get in touch with a police brutality lawyer to have their name cleared and to receive possible compensation if the officer caused them any harm.

Can I sue a police officer for hurting my relative with a disorder?

If a police officer uses excessive force against a person with a mental disorder then there are more chances that they can be held liable in court. Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), individuals who suffer from any form of disability have the right to be protected and accommodated according to the law.

If an officer fails to treat a person in a manner which is appropriate for their disability then they have indeed breached the ‘reasonable modifications’ portion of the ADA and they can be held responsible for their actions.

According to statistics, individuals with disabilities make up a third to half of those victims who are killed by police officers. This is an alarmingly high rate and these statistics show us that there is a very real problem in the United States which needs to be addressed concerning individuals with mental disorders.

If someone’s relative who has a mental disorder was not treated properly by an officer and they have suffered injuries or some form of loss due to the officer’s actions, then they should file a complaint with the correct authorities. Anyone who is looking to take legal action against an officer should call a police brutality attorney in Brooklyn, NY to help them out with the details of their case.


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