Struggling to Find an Experienced Police Brutality Lawyer in New Mexico? We Can Help

Whether you are a citizen of the United States or not, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) enforces federal laws that protect you from police misconduct. The law covers any unlawful actions displayed by State, county, and local officers, as well as those working in jails or prisons. While the DOJ cannot serve as an attorney to provide you with the advice you might be seeking, we can as have the ability to place you in contact with a nearby New York police brutality lawyer who can.

It is important that anyone who has become a victim to police brutality bring their claims forward and get their free consultation scheduled with one of our featured police brutality attorneys. Holding a police officer accountable for mistreating and abusing a citizen isn’t always the easiest, especially when they are given the right to apply force. This is one of the reasons why you are going to need someone knowledgeable in the field of police brutality law. While the DOJ can help you with filing a complaint, our police brutality lawyer in NY can build a strong case for you and fight on your behalf.


What happens if I file a complaint though the DOJ?

Once you file a complaint through the DOJ, a few things can be expected to occur. For instance,

A police brutality case could result in criminal and civil charges, although it becomes a bit of a challenge to hold an officer accountable when accused of police brutality. Because officers of the law are permitted to apply force that can and does inflict harm onto individuals, it is hard to prove that they actually committed a crime. This is one reason why it is essential for anyone who has become the victim to police misconduct to hire one of our New York police brutality attorneys immediately as they can help you gather the necessary evidence to hold an officer accountable.


What is the difference between a civil and criminal charge?

Criminal and civil cases often arise from police abuse and misconduct but it is important you are aware of the difference so you know how you want to proceed. Something else to be cognizant of is that just because these charges might be brought up, it doesn’t actually mean they will be convicted of them. That is why you need a legal professional such as one of our lawyers to represent you and push for conviction.


Whether you are looking to file a police brutality lawsuit against an officer or the department they work for, we can help you get this accomplished. Simply give us a call and one of our agents will begin assisting you in finding a nearby New York police abuse and misconduct attorney who can help.