New York, What Comes Under Police Brutality and How Can it be Prevented?

Police misconduct may be the result of the intentional or reckless behavior of an officer. This behavior goes against what the police are supposed to stand for, and if an officer is caught carrying out any act of brutality they can be penalized even with their immunity to the law. Anyone who is abused by an officer should make it a priority to try and preserve as much evidence as possible. Though evidence is required in any legal matter, it is more vital in cases involving the misconduct of a police officer just because of the protection they are granted regarding civilian claims and lawsuits made against them.

Police officers may not just harm a person physically, the damage they do can be based on a person’s reputation in regard to humiliation in the community. Any lost work, lost job opportunities, and false confinement also comes under police misconduct and those who are subjected to this deserve to get justice. Naturally, it will be tricky to file a claim against an officer so a person will need the help of an expert police brutality attorney to make sure they remain safe, and their voice is heard during the claim process.

Victims of police misconduct may recover their damages from the area that employed the officer, and they may be allowed to seek recovery against the officer individually. This is especially true if the level of misconduct was severe and can be clearly proven. There are many different actions that come under police misconduct, these include reckless driving, false arrest, excessive force, and wrongful death in police custody.

Are police officers allowed to use excessive force in New York?

Due to the dangerous nature of their job, police officers are allowed to use the force that is necessary for them to carry out their duties. Officers that use excessive force by continuously beating or hitting a compliant suspect may be proven guilty and may permit the victim to recover the necessary damages for the unfair treatment they received.

Excessive force isn’t always physical, it can include using inappropriate words or racial slurs to the individuals they have detained. Getting treated poorly by an officer can be traumatizing and anyone who finds themselves in such a predicament should call an attorney to stand by their side and support them as soon as possible. Though it may be difficult, it is not impossible to hold an officer accountable for their misconduct, especially when a person takes all the correct legal steps towards getting the justice they deserve.

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