police brutality lawyers in Burlington County, NJ

If you were stopped by a Burlington County, NJ police officer who caused a confrontation to break out, you are permitted to file a complaint against him or her.

Let’s say you were pulled over by an officer in Burlington County for a minor traffic infraction and after being informed why you were pulled over, the officer begins ordering you out of your vehicle. As you begin questioning why a minor infraction constitutes as reasonable grounds to order you out of your car, the officer replies with threats claiming you are disobeying his/her commands. After dialogue is exchanged between the two of you, you exit your vehicle only to be forcefully pushed against your car and handcuffed.

The officer then calls for backup where other officers arrive and begin searching your vehicle. After finding no incriminating evidence, the officer releases you and sends you on your way. Not only did the encounter cause you to feel humiliated, but you feel your rights were violated as a citizen who is protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Now, based on this particular scenario, it is safe to say the officer violated one or more of your rights and it would be reasonable for you to file a complaint against him/her. In fact, you could even hire a Burlington County, NJ police brutality lawyer and file a lawsuit in an effort to recover compensation for the way the officer treated you. Now, it is important to recognize that not all roadside confrontations are the same. Unlike our hypothetical scenario, there are plenty of police encounters that end with an individual being physically harmed, wrongfully arrested, or even fatally shot.

Regardless of how minor or severe your roadside confrontation was with a Burlington County, NJ police officer, you always want to hire a police brutality attorney when any interaction with an officer feels unlawful or unethical.


Filing a Complaint Against a Burlington County, NJ Police Officer


As mentioned above, if your encounter with an officer of the law went south and a roadside confrontation broke out, you are probably looking for ways to hold the officer liable for their inappropriate behavior. One way you can do this is by contacting the Burlington County Special Investigations Unit to report the incident. You can contact this Unit either by phone or sending in your complaint by mail. The contact information for the Burlington County Special Investigations Unit is provided below for you.


Phone: (609) 265-5035

Mailing Address:

Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office
Special Investigations Unit
PO Box 6000
Mount Holly, NJ 08060


Burlington County, NJ police brutality lawyers

If you were physically or verbally assaulted by a police officer in Burlington County, NJ, we can help you find a police brutally lawyer in your area who wants to help you recognize the officer for their ill behavior.

You also have the option of filing your complaint directly with the police department the officer is employed by. Aside from voicing your concerns by filing a complaint to recognize the officer for how they treated you, you are encouraged to at least consult with a police brutality lawyer in Burlington County to find out what your legal rights are. Many times, victims of police misconduct are uncertain as to whether the officer was in violation of the law which can make it especially difficult to decide whether they should take legal action against him/her. With that in mind, rather than try to determine on your own if the officer violated your rights or any laws they are required to abide by, why not speak with a legal expert now who can provide you with the information you are seeking.

 If you would like to be connected with a police misconduct lawyer now in Burlington County, NJ who is prepared to help you, contact USAttorneys.com today.

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