Need an Experienced Police Brutality Lawyer in New Hampshire? We Have the Resources You Need to Obtain Justice

When a police officer pulls you over, stops you on the street or approaches your home, they must respect your rights and refrain from using excessive force. Likewise, you need to respect an author’s authority and comply with their requests. When there is mutual respect, interactions with police will go smoothly, but some result in harm.

What My Rights When Dealing with Police?

Under the U.S. Constitution and the Civil Rights Act of 1871 Section 1983, law enforcement officers are prohibited from physical abuse and excessive use of force. An officer who violates your civil rights could be suspended or fired depending on the seriousness of the excessive force or misconduct complaint.

In some cases, an excessive use of force complaint or misconduct complaint can result in criminal charges and/or an Internal Affairs complaint. You may be entitled to compensation if an officer who violates your civil rights or harms you through violence.

What Do I Do If I’m a Victim of Police Brutality?

If you are hurt by police or a loved one is killed, you should find a police brutality lawyer near you in New Hampshire and set up a case evaluation. has listings for police misconduct lawyers throughout the state who can help you recover compensation for your pain and economic damages.

Pursuing a police brutality claim won’t be easy because there is a high bar of proof you must meet to prove your allegations. You must be able to show that an officer used more force than was necessary considering the situation and their conduct resulted in injury or death.

Meet with a Police Brutality Lawyer in New Hampshire

There are several reasons why you should retain a police brutality lawyer in New Hampshire. For one, you will be challenging a city, county, state or federal entity and different rules apply to these types of claims. For instance, the statute of limitations for government claims is 180 days or three from the date of your injury or the victim’s death or three years depending on the case details.

All injury claims are complex, and injury victims or surviving loved ones need someone who has handled a police brutality or excessive use of force complaint before. recommends you speak with a police brutality lawyer in Mississippi to direct you and make sure you get the most out of your claim.

Another reason police brutality claims are difficult is the concept of qualified immunity which prevents officers from being personally accountable for a civil settlement or judgment. That means local agencies are responsible for defense costs and paying settlement awards and they will be backed by an experienced team of lawyers. You need one of our skilled attorneys working on your case. Above, we discussed a small sampling of the challenges you will face if you choose to pursue your civil suit against the police. Talk to a lawyer in New Hampshire and get their expert advice.