If an individual was pushed down or hurt by a police officer without any valid reason then they definitely have the right to file a report against the officer. However, in some rare cases filing a report without legal help may lead to a lot more complications and a lot more trouble from the same officer. If the officer was willing to hurt a person for no good reason then chances are that same officer won’t have any problems conducting and putting together a false arrest which will be hard to prove false on one’s own.

How can I avoid being harassed and falsely arrested by an officer in Las Vegas?

First of all, if a person wants to file a report against an officer they should have legal help on their side from the very beginning. A police brutality lawyer in Las Vegas can help a person build their case while following all of the legalities and rules involved. Not only that but having a lawyer from the very beginning servedsas a form of protection from further harassment as well.

If a police officer decides to get angry and decides to falsely arrest a person because they reported them then having an attorney can turn the tables quite a bit. Lawyers are very well informed about all of the relevant laws and rules which protect the rights of a person. They are also well aware of how much authority is given to officers and what an officer can and cannot get away with. Having this knowledge on one’s side can really help a person successfully win a court trial.

Television producer arrested after reporting a case of police brutality in Las Vegas

Ramsey Denison was taking a vacation in Las Vegas several years back when he witnessed a man being arrested in a very aggressive manner. He deemed what he saw to be a case of police brutality so he contacted the police department. Needless to say, he was very surprised when police officers came to his door and arrested him instead.

He was forced to spend three days in a detention center for making the call. This may sound absurd but it is actually quite a common scenario. This is what led Denison to produce his popular documentary termed ‘what happened in Vegas.’ Throughout the documentary, he discusses many cases of brutality and corruption in the police system.

The best way for any person to stay safe from getting involved with an officer who has all the wrong intentions is to have legal help on hand from the beginning of such an encounter. Cases of police brutality should never be taken lightly because of how much authority an officer has. If a person simply reports an officer and does not seek legal counsel then they may get themselves in even more hot water then they were in before. It always helps to have a legal professional onboard and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. especially when it comes to matters regarding the law and the integrity of one’s criminal history.

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