Las Vegas police officers shot a man dead on May 14th, 2019 in central Las Vegas. The police arrived at the scene after reports of domestic disturbance around 7 pm. According to Metropolitan Police Department Capt. Nichole Splinter, the incident took place near the Las Vegas Country Club situated on 3100 block of Bel Air Drive.

Metro Officer Shoots Multiple Times

Police officers arrived at the scene near Desert Inn Road and Maryland Parkway. They were out speaking with a woman when the man came outside with a gun. Splinter said the woman the officers were talking to was a victim of a domestic assault and battery.

One of the officers saw imminent threat and proceeded to shoot the man multiple times. It is unclear if the man holding the gun actually pointed it at anyone else before he was shot dead. There were no other officers or civilians injured at the scene according to Splinter.

Man Dies at the Scene

There was no time to call an ambulance and the man bled away at the crime scene. Clark County coroner’s office will be releasing his identity and cause and manner of death shortly.

Police officers responded to the scene after receiving a report around 5:30 pm. However, they did not arrive at the house before 7 in the night. Splinter gave a press release the same day but did not explain what the domestic dispute was all about, or who the dispute was between.

The name of the officer is withheld as per Metro policy. Furthermore, information will be released after 72 hours. This is the third time Metro officers have fatally shot someone and eighth police shooting this year which is amazing considering how many terrible people there in the city and around it.

Understanding Nevada Police Brutality

There have been several incidents circulated in the media involving police brutality and use of excessive force. This has prompted the average citizen to question whether certain police actions are excessive. Law enforcement officers have a sworn duty to protect and serve. They are placed in power to uphold the law and are authorized reasonable use of force.

However, sometimes officers may use excessive force in the form of baton, gun, hands, fist, Taser, or police dog. Victims need a police brutality personal injury lawyer in such cases. Most police brutality cases are pursuant to a federal statute which protects the civil liberties of all persons in the United States of America.

Police misconduct cases are usually complex. An experienced police brutality personal injury attorney can help victims navigate their lawsuit and understand their rights.


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