The recent account of police brutality that led to a man of color, George Floyd, in May 2020, has shaken the whole world. People with color have been subjected to racial slurs and discriminations and have been victims of unreasonable police brutality for decades. It is saddening to see that the world still bears such shameful discrimination even in the 21st century. But police brutality is not limited to people of color alone. It can happen to anybody, irrespective of one’s religion, caste, or creed. The police officers are entrusted with the responsibility of protecting civilians against crime and injustice. But sometimes, they become the ones who violate laws and harass potential suspects or even cause injury to unarmed individuals, totally misusing their position of authority. It is where a decent police brutality lawyer comes to the rescue. They assist you with any case that follows an incident of police brutality.

Honolulu declared neck restraint a deadly force!


A committee of the Honolulu Police Department declared that a neck restraint must be listed as a “deadly force” in its use-of-force schemes. Richard Parry, a member of the commission, established that the Honolulu Police Commission’s Use-of-Force Committee favors shifting neck restraint to the same category where arms and weapons are listed. The department had temporarily suspended the utilization of vascular neck restraint in June after reviewing the use-of-force policy after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on the 25th of May, 2020. George Floyd was declared dead after a police officer brutally pinned the black man to the ground, handcuffed him, and pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck (avascular neck restraint) for several minutes. After the video recording of this incident went viral, the world, and not just the US, witnessed protests against racial discrimination and police brutality. The experience, followed by massive demonstrations all over the world, led the committee to suggest that a police officer should have the permission to intervene whenever they see fellow officers misbehaving to stabilize a worsening situation.


Why are police brutality attorneys crucial?


Police brutality is not only physically, but also emotionally tormenting, and sometimes, even deadly. It is why police brutality attorneys are crucial. Police brutality does not end after it takes place. Legal proceedings and complicated paperwork follow each such incident. A skilled police brutality attorney can save you from all these nightmarish steps.


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