On March 21, 2013, a video was uploaded onto social media which would greatly strain the relationship between the citizens of Omaha and the police department. An unnamed individual uploaded a video of their neighbor- 28-year-old-Octavius Johnson- being beaten ruthlessly while he was restrained on the floor by police officers.

Here’s how it all started.

The incident began when an unnamed individual filed a parking complaint against Johnson with the local police officers. When the group of officers arrived, they allegedly grabbed Johnson, restrained him and then continued to kick him while he was on the floor.

Not only that, but two of the police officers followed Johnson’s brother (who had been recording the scene) into his private dwelling in order to confiscate his camera. While inside the home they knocked over his disabled grandmother who had been sitting in her wheelchair at the time. The police officers attempted to arrest Johnson and two of his other brothers, but what they did not know was that one of the neighbors had been secretly recording the entire incident. When the neighbor uploaded the video onto social media there was quite an uproar and 4 of the police officers who were involved were brought to trial and actually fired because of their excessive use of force. A nearby hospital was also found to have the same scenes recorded in its surveillance cameras as well. The footage in Johnson’s brother’s confiscated camera was not revealed to the public.

This incident required extreme penalties because, from the moment the brutality videos went up, there was a backlash across social media and the residents of Omaha began openly claiming how they did not trust the police force in their area. Luckily, when the proper action was taken and the officers who had done the most damage were actually fired from their positions, the residents felt like they could breathe a little easier and a little hope was restored. Obviously, it takes time for a society to recover from such incidences, but at the very least, the online uproar was somewhat silenced when justice was served appropriately.

What should I do if a police officer used excessive force against me?

Individuals who have been physically abused by a police officer and who have been subject to excessive force for no reason should definitely step forward and contact a police brutality attorney in their area. A police brutality lawyer in Omaha, NE can help a person put together their case and gather the required evidence to win their case. Just like the incident which occurred with Octavius Johnson, if enough evidence is gathered, then powerful decisions can be made. The problem with police brutality is that it occurs quite often, there just usually isn’t enough video evidence that it actually occurred. Whenever a person is in such a situation, they should try their best to collect video footage to prove what really took place.

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