Are You the Victim of Police Brutality in Nebraska? Let Us Help You Obtain Legal Representation

Did you have a bad encounter with police? Were you hit, punched or kicked? Did an officer use a taser or pepper spray on you without reason? If you want to file an excessive use of force complaint, you’re probably already aware you face many challenges, but that shouldn’t dissuade you from pursuing justice.

Excessive Use of Force Claims and Accountability

Excessive use of force occurs when an officer uses force that goes beyond what is reasonable considering the situation. Excessive use of force encompasses a lot of different behaviors such as using a chokehold on a suspect or shooting an unarmed suspect. According to the Guardian, over 1,000 Americans were killed by police officers in 2016. Thousands of others are subjected to police brutality, false arrests and sometimes sexual abuse.

If you have an excessive use of force claim you have the following options to hold an officer accountable:

File a criminal complaint

Ask for an Internal Affairs investigation, or

File a civil complaint.

Of the options listed above, a person subjected to excessive force, false arrest or aggressive prosecution will find a civil suit to be more advantageous. The best course of action for police abuse victim is to report an incident to Internal Affairs to be investigated and then set up a consultation with a police brutality lawyer in Nebraska.

Civil Complaints Against the Government

As a condition of their employment, police are immune to civil suits that result from their actions while on duty. The city, state or federal government is responsible for compensating an injured individual.

A police officer accused of excessive force is immune from a civil suit if they were on duty when an incident occurs. That means the appropriate government entity is responsible for paying a victim compensation for their economic and emotional damages.

If you plan on filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a city, county, state or federal government employee, you must file your claim within two years of the date of the injury. Your claim must be filed with State Claims Board.

State Claims Board- Nebraska

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Hire a Police Brutality Lawyer

When you are seeking compensation for police brutality, you must prove an officer used excessive force. That can be a difficult thing to do and something you need an expert’s assistance with if you want any chance of winning your case. has an expert team of police brutality lawyers in Nebraska ready to help with your claim. Just click on your county to locate an attorney.

If you were hurt by police or a loved one was killed, you may be able to recover a generous settlement for your pain a distress. Your first consultation is free, and you will learn the possible courses of action you should pursue. Don’t put off getting the advice of a professional too long or you could get nothing. Call and arrange your case evaluation without delay.