Nebraska, Preventing Police Brutality and Misconduct

Whenever a person is confronted by an officer, they should make sure they do everything in their power to remain calm and communicate politely. Officers have stressful jobs and if a person moves hastily or they speak aggressively, officers may see their actions as threatening and this can result in them using excessive force and other tactics to control and arrest a person. If a person is under arrest, they should never physically fight the officers, and they should make sure they calmly comply and speak to them.

A person does have the right to remain silent and they can exercise this right by saying they wish to remain silent until they can first speak with an attorney about the situation that they are in. A person has constitutional rights and police officers are not allowed to violate these rights. If an officer is guilty of police brutality, they can be questioned and possibly held to account for the harm they caused to everyone around them.

To prevent police misconduct from occurring, a person should follow these steps:

  • Remain calm
  • Speak politely
  • Do not make sudden moves
  • Do not obstruct the officer
  • Do not provide false information
  • Do not lie

By following these tips, a person will minimize their chances of being harmed by an officer. However, the unfortunate truth is some officers do not need a reason to harm a person and they will hurt a person regardless of how calm and compliant they are. if a person has had their rights violated by an officer, they should connect with a police brutality attorney and file a complaint with the ACLU as soon as possible to have one’s rights protected.

Filing a police brutality complaint in Nebraska

A person should write down the details of the incident, so they do not forget later down the road. They can then go forward with discussing with their attorney how they will file a written complaint. The complaints can be filed with the internal affairs division or the civilian board and a person may also have the option of filing an anonymous complaint as well.

Officers have qualified immunity with the law so it can be difficult to hold them to legal account for their actions. However, every case is different, and a lawyer will let a person know what is the best course of action based on the details of their case and their current situation.

Get in touch with a police brutality attorney to protect one’s constitutional rights.

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