If you can prove that the level of force the officer applied was excessive and unjustifiable, you can, in fact, file a lawsuit against him or her. However, when preparing to file a lawsuit for your near-death experience, you will want to retain a police brutality lawyer in Kansas City, MO who can help you with this.


Kansas City, MO police brutality lawyers

If an officer in Kansas City, MO applied excessive force during an arrest or even a traffic stop, you are permitted to sue for your injuries.

Although police officers in Kansas City are permitted to apply force, and a significant amount of it, they must have reasonable grounds for doing so. For instance, if a suspect has become combative or poses as a threat to an officer or the surrounding community, an officer can apply force as they deem necessary. Only when the level of force exceeds what would be considered reasonable given the circumstances would it be considered excessive and unlawful. When an officer is guilty of applying excessive force, he or she can be reprimanded in a number of different ways for their unlawful behavior.

For example, a victim of police excessive force could file a complaint with the officer’s department in an effort to get them recognized for their misconduct. Another way a victim can hold an officer liable for their unwarranted actions is by filing a lawsuit against them.


What happens if I file a lawsuit against a Kansas City, MO for excessive force?


The outcome differs for each case. While some victims of excessive force lose their case, and these are generally individuals who fail to retain an experienced and aggressive police brutality lawyer, others are awarded a significant amount for the injuries the officer caused them to suffer. In a recent case that was heard in the U.S. District Court in Kansas City, a man was awarded $6.5 million “who endured a near-fatal encounter with an Independence police officer in 2014” [Source: The Kansas City Star].

According to the source, Bryce Masters, who was 17 at the time, had been stopped by an officer who ordered him out of his vehicle. When Masters refused to get out, the officer attempted to pull him out and then shot him with his Taser. The barbs hit the man in the torso leaving him unresponsive. He was handcuffed and then dragged out of the road and released onto the pavement. Because his hands were not free, he fell face first into the ground and went into cardiac arrest. Had medical personnel not arrived, he probably would have died.

The officer was later charged with violating Masters’ civil rights and was sentenced to four years in prison. Masters then filed his lawsuit which gave him the hefty return of $5 million in compensatory damages and $1.5 in punitive damages.


Are you ready to recognize a Kansas City, MO police officer for violating your rights?

police brutality law firms in Kansas City, MO

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