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Are You or a Loved One the Victim of Excessive Police Force in Missouri? Our Missouri Police Brutality Attorneys Can Help

After the controversial shooting Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the state has become ground zero in the police brutality debate and the setting for controversial police brutality lawsuits. Unfortunately, some encounters with police turn contentious or violent, and arrestees are wrongfully arrested, hurt and even killed. When something goes wrong during a traffic stop or arrest and citizen is injured, they should consider pursuing a police brutality case.

Excessive Use of Force and Civil Rights

The U.S. Constitution grants you rights that police officers must respect in any dealings you have with them, but sometimes those rights are violated. Law enforcement officers have the right to detain a person and use force if the circumstances require, but they need to be able to back up their claims of endangerment. The use of excessive or fatal force must be justified, and the actions taken must be ones that any reasonable person would have taken considering the circumstances.

What is Considered Excessive Use of Force?

Excessive uses of force can include a range of behaviors and are the abuse of police power to detain and arrest someone suspected of committing a crime.

Excessive Use of Force Can Include:

Verbal and physical use

Using a taser multiple times

Shooting an unarmed suspect

Police Shootings in the U.S. and Missouri

In 2016, 963 people were shot by police officers in the U.S., the Washington Post reports.

In Missouri, there 2.14 police shooting per one million residents.

According to the Washington Post, mental illness plays a role in one out of five incidents of fatal excessive use of force complaints.

Wrongful Death Resulting from Excessive Use of Force

Sometimes a law enforcement officer’s actions result in the wrongful death of criminal suspects and bystanders. Officers have a dangerous job and must protect the public, so the are given a lot of leeway to use force when the situation demands, but even they have limitations to their power. While there are allowed to use force, it must be comparable to the amount of force anyone would use in a similar situation.

Consult A Police Brutality Attorney

An excessive force incident can result in costly medical bills and other economic losses that could put the victim in deep debt. That is why they need someone who understands Missouri’s personal injury and wrongful death statutes

Our police brutality lawyers in Missouri can help if you are a victim of the following common scenarios involving an officer’s use of force:

Beating or shooting after a police chase

False arrest

Illegal search and seizure

Assault with a flashlight or club

Using a chokehold on a suspect

Planting drugs or evidence

Racial profiling

Sexual assault or harassment

Officer Perjury

Violation of transgender rights

Police have one of the hardest jobs on this planet, and they have a duty to uphold, but they should not violate your constitutional rights. Nor should they allow anger to get the better of them and harm a person without a valid reason. When a police officer crosses a line, let connect you with a police brutality lawyer in Missouri.