68 year old Marvia Gray sued the City of Des Peres and four police officers on May 18th, 2020. The lawsuit states that she and her son were brutally beaten on March 23rd at a Sam’s Club store.

Gray Was Returning a Television

Gray said she was in the store with her son, Derek Gray, to return a television they had bought earlier in the day. This was when the police officers walked up on them and accused them of stealing it. The officers allegedly used excessive force while arresting her and her adult son.

During a virtual press conference, Gray said the officers threw her down on the floor and took her purse. The use of unreasonable force continued even when she claimed to be hurt. Multiple officers detained her son as well and Gray said she was afraid for his life.

Police Officers Beat and Kicked Gray

The police officers kicked Derek Gray when he was down. Marvia said she thought her son was going to die in front of her eyes. There are multiple videos of the incident in which the police can be clearly seen using excessive force during the arrest and unnecessary violence against the mother-son duo.

The lawsuit alleges that Marvia and her son Derek purchased numerous items from the store that day, including a 65 inch TV set. They could not exit the store without showing a receipt of purchase. However, the Grays could not fit the television in their vehicle, and left it at the store until they could pick it up later.

Derek Gray returned later in the day to pick up the TV when an employee raised the alarm thinking he was stealing it. Another employee intervened to point out the mistake. This is when Des Peres police officers showed up.

Fighting Against Police Brutality

Violations of citizens’ civil rights occur every day even though there are federal protections in place. There are many police misconduct cases reported across the country every day. Nobody deserves to be mistreated by the police regardless of what they have done. Law enforcement officers are not authorized to use excessive force while arresting or prosecuting perpetrators and innocent citizens.

Victims should get in touch with an experienced and knowledgeable police misconduct lawyer immediately because these cases are unique and difficult. Law enforcement officers are offered immunity or built-in protections that make these lawsuits challenging. It takes a capable police misconduct attorney with a specialized team to navigate these cases. The life of an average citizen can quickly be turned upside-down when police officers begin abusing their power.

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