Having a family member arrested can be a scary experience, but if that family member was arrested for no real reason then the experience can easily turn from scary to traumatizing. Since police officers are generally considered protectors of the law it can be very upsetting to see that these individuals are abusing their power and creating more strife and mishap in society.

Should I contact the police station?

If a person has just had their family member falsely arrested then they need to take immediate action. In most cases, individuals would get in touch with the police department if a crime occurred. However, in such a scenario most people do not feel comfortable calling 911 simply because of what they just witnessed.

Individuals who experienced misconduct from an officer are expected to report it to the chief police officer or the internal affairs department of the police station involved. Naturally, most individuals would not feel comfortable doing this as their trust in the police force did just take a very justified blow.

However, if a person still feels like they want to complain to the chief then there are avenues available for them to file their complaint, but in order to do so, a person will have to fill out all the right forms and give statements of the account that occurred. If a person tries to do that themselves they might miss out on mentioning important details and that is why the first thing a person should do after the arrest is getting in touch with a police brutality attorney in Jackson, MS.

Luckily, police officers are not at the top of the law and if a proper case is filed against them and proper evidence is collected then they can easily be penalized for their actions and a person can earn compensation and justice for themselves and their family members. In order to get the best case together and in order to make sure that a person does not miss out on important details-or reveal too much personal information-individuals should contact a lawyer to help them through filing their complaint and taking legal action if necessary.

Who else should I call apart from my police brutality attorney?

Once a person gets in touch with their police brutality attorney they really won’t have anything more to worry about because their attorney will educate them on all of the steps they have to pursue. However, if a person wants to file a complaint beforehand and they don’t want to complain to their police department there is another body which they can contact as well. These sorts of issues regarding an individual, who committed a crime while they were acting under color of law, are generally filed with the US Department of Justice. Once again, an experienced lawyer can help a person get the right documents together to file a proper complaint and pursue litigation if necessary.

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